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[ # ] Guillermo talks about Jimmy Kimmel Live’s 1000th show!
April 3rd, 2008 under Interviews, Jimmy Kimmel

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Guillermo is the cutest guy on television, but before Jimmy Kimmel Live! celebrates its 1000th show tonight on ABC at a special time of 11:35p he took so time to answer my questions about what it is like to be on the funniest late-night show on television! Let me tell you I thought that Guillermo was the cutest guy on TV before this interview, now I am convinced of it.
For those of you who are missing out by not watching Jimmy Kimmel Live! (why I don’t know) you miss out how celebs just love Guillermo so much that they ask for him when they are the on show. For example Janet Jackson asked Jimmy Kimmel if she could borrow him and wait until you read what he said about that.
Seriously I don’t know how you could not fall in love with this guy by the end of interview.

Seriously? OMG! WTF?: How did you go from parking attendant to being on-air?
Guillermo: I was working for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show as the parking lot security guard and so I always said hi to everyone as they came in every day. One of the guys that started talking to me was the warm-up guy for the audience Don Barris. He would always tell the audience to say hello to me when the show was having a concert outside. So he would say my name and make me wave to the hundreds of people out there and I was so shy and always embarrassed. But I guess Jimmy became used to me out there from hearing Don talk me. So then one day I was on a break and I took a nap in one of the guys car. Sometimes I would help move cars around and he said I could use his car if I needed to. It was the announcer for the show Dicky Barrett (lead singer of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and when Dicky saw me sleeping in his car he started laughing and showed Jimmy who thought it was funny too. So Jimmy told the show producers to send me to an event and use me for a comedy bit on the show. I didn’t know what to do at all when they said I had to talk to the celebrities! They took me to Detroit for the Super Bowl and I was seeing all of the famous athletes and celebs and I was so nervous that I would mess up. But then I guess they liked it because now I am at the show every night! I stand inside the studio next to Jimmy’s Uncle Frank and the other security guard Veatrice during the show.

SOW: Can you believe that Jimmy Kimmel Live! is celebrating its 1,000th show? Are you going to do anything to celebrate?
G: They are having a party for us at the Roosevelt Hotel. It’s close by the studio so we will just walk over after the show I guess! As long as there is some music and a little drink then that will be fun with everyone.

SOW: Are you surprised by the positive fan reaction you get and how everyone thinks you are just so cute?
G: It’s great, you know? People recognize me sometimes. They see me and know my face. They will point and laugh sometimes, but sometimes they ask for pictures. That’s fine with me though because if they know me then that means they watch the show, so that’s good! Some of the people say that my face never changes, that I always look the same. I don’t mind if that means I always look young.

SOW: What is the greatest thing that Jimmy Kimmel has taught you?
G: To respect others and treat everyone the same. Everyone is equal to him. I’ve also learned to just always be myself.

SOW: Would you consider doing Dancing with the Stars?
G: Jimmy and I did the teaching segments “how to dance like a star” last year – that was pretty crazy. So many people saw them! They would say – hey! You are the parking lot security guard who does the dancing! That was funny. Sure, I would love do the show…. but only if I don’t have to wear dresses again.

SOW: Do you ever think of dumping in Jimmy Kimmel Live! and getting your own show? I know I would watch!
G: If it was in Spanish maybe! I love working here though – I’m a very lucky guy.

Guillermo is a lucky guy, but we are luckier to have him. Here is someone living the American dream, loving and appreciating what he does and we get to watch him do it.
Now that you have read the interview don’t you just want to him watch him on Jimmy Kimmel Live weeknights at 12:05a! That is except for tonight when there is special 90-minute episode to celebrate its 1000th episode at 11:35p on ABC! BTW Guillermo I hear the after-party (that I was not invited to…:() is sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey, so there will be plenty of drinks to make the party fun!
Thank you so much Guillermo for doing the interview and Chelsea for setting it up!!!


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