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[ # ] Gloria Estefan did the Conga with COVID-19
December 1st, 2020 under Coronavirus, Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan revealed today that she had COVID-19 in early November. Thankfully, her symptoms were mild. She only suffered from loss of taste and smell, along with a little cough.

The singer thinks that her symptoms were mild because she has been taking vitamins like D3, C, B12, melatonin, and a multivitamin. She also says Gatorade 0 helps with the dehydration that comes with the illness.

How does she think she got it? Estefan says she went out to eat on October 30th, and a fan with no mask stopped to talk to her. Even though she held her breath, the coronavirus still found a way into her system. Her immunologist friend told her that he thinks because Estefan wears a mask all the time, it helped her to get a lesser amount of the virus in her system. Therefore, wear a mask!

Estefan says she is feeling better now and has tested negative twice since she tested positive. Miami can breathe a sigh of relief, your most famous child is still OK.


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