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[ # ] Gal Gadot is so famous…
July 27th, 2018 under Gal Gadot, Jeopardy

Gal Gadot became a world wide sensation when she put on Wonder Woman’s costume, but did you know that she had a long career in Hollywood way before then. Enough of one that Jeopardy gave her her own a category and me a week of Before They Were Famous.

How does she feel about the rare honor? She wrote, “A whole category?!🤯 Omg I can’t belive it, I love this show! Never thought I’d hear Gal Gadot for $600 and be so pleased! 😂😜”

How well do you know the Israeli beauty? Press play to find out. I knew the answers, but not that she was a part of any of those movies and TV shows. Let me know who well you do.


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