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[ # ] Family Guy went there with Quentin Tarantino
February 28th, 2022 under Quentin Tarantino, Seth MacFarlane

Family Guy aired its best episode of the season yesterday. The type of episode that makes you cringe and laugh at the same time.

The episode deals with Lois going to her snooty high school reunion. She is too embarrassed to take Peter, so she asks Quagmire to go with her and pretend to be her husband. He says to her about the offer, “I am not used to wearing rings above the waist.” And that was just the beginning of is it OK to laugh at that.

When they get to the hotel, Quagmire changed out their suite to the honeymoon suite. Lois is so mad she says that she is going to angry tweet a celeb that looks like him. So she tweets to Quentin Tarantino, “You big headed creep, where do you get off?!” The director responded to her with “On feet.” Then followed it up with, “Toe pics?”

If that is not bad enough, Peter orders pizza, and the delivery man does an Elvis Presley on their toilet. Since they don’t want to get in trouble with Lois for ordering the pizza, they do a Weekend at Bernie’s with Meg sharing his clothes and controlling him from behind. It gets worse. During a police lineup, Joe asks the pizza guy to recreate the Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie dance.

And still, there is more. And shockingly, it had a heartwarming ending.

This is why I still watch Family Guy. To paraphrase Mae West, when it is bad, it is very good! At least Seth MacFarlane will get that reference.


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