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[ # ] Extended Family is a modern day family show
January 30th, 2024 under Donald Faison, Jon Cryer, NBC

For decades, the perfect family show consisted of a married couple and their children. But that was then, and this is today.

NBC’s Extended Family is a family show for 2024. That means it is a divorced couple trying to navigate their new normal with their kids. And in the case of this sitcom, when one of the spouses meets someone new.

Jim (Jon Cryer) and Julia (Abigail Spencer) were married for 17 years, but like half of the marriages, theirs ended in divorce.

They are the parents of two kids, and they have an interesting custody agreement. They each have one week on and one week off at their old place. So, the kids get to stay in their rooms. And it seems to be working.

Julia has moved on, and she is now engaged to the Celtics’ owner, Trey (Donald Faison). He has never been married, nor has he had any kids. So, he is trying to navigate all of this for the first time.

Julia is there to help him, but Jim is not. However, Jim has no choice because Trey is going to be part of their family. And Trey is learning that he has to give in to Jim because he is the father, and it is still his house.

And that sums up what Extended Family is. It is a family trying to work things out post-divorce with a new partner in the mix.

And this is the reality for so many families today.

Tonight at 8:30p on NBC, Jim gets pulled over with Trey and his kids in the car. Jim gets off with a warning because of who Trey is, and he thinks it is bad for the kids to see they can get away with stuff because of who they are.

Trey doesn’t think it is a problem. But Jim complains to Julia, and now she has to lecture her fiance’ about being a better influence on her children.

Will Trey be able to adjust to his new role as a future stepfather, or will Jim have to stop being so neurotic? You just have to tune into this season’s funniest sitcom! And one of the only family comedies on television. And families need a show to watch together. Because not watching family sitcoms leads to divorce, according to a BS study I just made up in my head.

And talking about things that just came to my head, it took me a few episodes to realize that this is a modern take on the family sitcom. And because of that, it deserves to be given a chance. So give it a chance, and fall in love with it like I have.


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[ # 1269833 ] Comment from Robert Phillips [January 31, 2024, 9:56 am]

This has already been done three of four seasons ago on ABC. Except for the new fiance. Can’t remember the name. But it had Goldie Hawn’s son in it. The family had a backyard apt. With a hot plate and bed and bath. And each week one or the other lived there while the other one lived in the house. Don’t think it lasted past 13 episodes.

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