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[ # ] Ellen DeGeneres scares Aubrey Plaza with her own movie
June 14th, 2019 under Chucky, Ellen DeGeneres

For two month, Aubrey Plaza spent her days and nights getting scared by Chucky and she thought she was done with it. Now that she is promoting Child’s Play, Ellen DeGeneres thought she needed one more scare from the killer doll.

Since it is Ellen, it is going to be scary, very scary. Or tortorous, I should say. First, the daytime talk show host asked the actress to play a game of Speak Out. You know, the one where you put a plastic mouthpiece in your mouth and try to get the other person to guess what you are saying. It is not easy for your opponent to understand you, so you really have to concetrate. Just as Plaza was really deep in thought on the next phrase, that is when Chucky jumped out of the desk. Scaring the living crap out of her.

What made this scare so much better than the other ones is the fact that Plaza had the mouthpiece in. She already had her scream face on! And kept it on even after she the prank was over.


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