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[ # ] Eli Roth has the biggest d!ck in Hollywood
June 5th, 2007 under Celeb Oops, Eli Roth

Eli Roth has the biggest d!ck in Hollywood" is the name of that picture! And not since Boogie Nights has a prosthetic pen!s made such an impact. Eli Roth posed for that photo with that huge peepee for Lion's Gates' marketing executive and photographer, Tim Palen for a book he is doing Guts: The Art of Marketing Horror Films. The book features his creepiest work and I am dying (no pun) to read it. Palen told NY Magazine how the picture came about: How'd this happen? We were shooting some publicity stuff in this cheesy hotel for Hostel 2 — then I just whipped that thing out of a box! Eli just said, "Oh, my god…" But I think he likes it too. Where'd you get it? I had K.N.B. Effects build it for me. I said, "I want a 24-inch devil-d!ck for Eli Roth." They did the effects for Hostel. And Narnia.
I have always had a secret crush on Eli Roth, but after seeing that picture that crush is solidified! Dang!!! I so have Cabin Fever for him! Does anyone know there nearest Hostel I can take him to in Hollywood??? LOL! BTW Hostel 2 comes out this Friday. If you want to see the NSFW version, then


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