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June 5th, 2007 under Jericho

(photo from Monty Brinton/CBS)
How nuts is this story!!! Michael Ausiello is reporting that the fans of Jericho via mostly with the amazing work done by NutOnline might have saved their show!!! Yes the show about surviving after nuclear attacks is just like a roach and surviving the cancellation blow. According to Ausiello CBS is considering bringing back Jericho for 8 episodes as a midseason replacement! While 8 episodes is not ideal it is far better than 0, so I am happy with that! I am so freaking happy now I don't even know what I am typing! Ya freaking hoo!!!
I am so happy CBS is realizing they made a mistake replacing Jericho with a real bomb Kid Nation, which I am still not sure will make it to air. And if it does, I doubt it will survive more than two weeks on the air. So why not just bring back Jericho then! I swear not since Fox announced that they were bringing back Family Guy have I been so happy!!! Ironically enough Clay Aiken blogged yesterday that he forgave CBS for canceling Jericho, looks like he needed to wait 24 hours before posting that apology!
BTW for those of you unfamiliar with the NutsOnline, you can check out their site and contribute! And here is how many nuts that they have sent to the nutty people over at CBS as of 1:20p est on June 5th!

orders $$ weight
NY 3,629 $40,600 29,878 lbs
LA 945 $11,965 8,773 lbs
total 4,574 $52,565 38,651 lb
yet to ship:
NY 109 lbs
LA 657 lbs
  766 lbs

LONG LIVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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