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[ # ] Don’t ask Kelly Rowland about Beyoncé
February 21st, 2024 under Beyoncé

Kelly Rowland was on V-103 in Atlanta this morning to talk about her new Tyler Perry movie, whose name I won’t mention. However, she became upset when the DJs from The Big Tigger Morning Show with Jazzy McBee asked her about her old singing partner.

Big Tigger wanted to know if it is true that Beyoncé’s Renassaince: Act 2 is going to be Country and if Renassaince: Act 3 will either be a Rock album or a Destiny’s Child reunion. The singer smugly responded, “That is her [Beyoncé] business to talk about.” And then she winked.

Then Jazzy McBee explained that, as fans, they want to know, and they are still going to ask whenever she is on the show. To which Rowland replied that she was there to talk about her film and her film only.

Then “the actress” asked them if they had seen the film, and they hadn’t.

So, let’s go off the C-Lister. First off, when you are part of a supergroup where the lead singer becomes a superstar, you are going to have to accept that the press is always going to ask you about them. Just smile and answer the question. *NSYNC does it when asked about Justin Timberlake, the Friends cast does it when asked about their co-stars, and so on. If you don’t like it, too fucking bad. It comes with the territory.

Then, when it comes to if they have seen the movie, It would be nice if they did. But they don’t always have time to sit down and watch it. They are morning DJs, and screenings are past their bedtimes. If they were not provided a screener to watch at their convenience, that is not their fault.

So, Kelly, get off your high horse. You are not Beyoncé, and you never will be. Therefore, you should be happy with whatever press you get because, really, you are just a former band member who will be stuck doing reality shows. See you on The Masked Singer or We Are Family soon.

This press tour has not been going well for her. She reportedly walked on the fourth hour of Today on Thursday because the dressing room assigned to her was not up to her standards.

They say there is no such thing as bad press. And she has been getting a lot of it promoting this movie. So we will find out if that is true next week when we find out how her project does.


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