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[ # ] Kelly Rowland thinks she’s still an A-List star
February 18th, 2024 under Rita Ora, TV News

Kelly Rowland was supposed to host the fourth hour of Today with Hoda Kotb on Thursday but walked out on the show at the last minute because the dressing was too small for her liking.

So Page Six says the producers ran around 30 Rock to try to find her a bigger dressing room, but they couldn’t find one. And she thought she was too good for the only one they had. So she left the studio and the show in a lurch.

What to do? They asked Rita Ora who was going to be a guest, and she said yes. And as you can tell from different clips from the episode, the singer enjoyed every second. And didn’t mind the last-minute mask.

So Rowland missed out on the fun. Her loss was definitely Today’s gain.

Hopefully, Rowland will realize that she is a C-Lister now. She is like Nick Lachey and Joey Fatone. Without the band, you really are only good for Reality Shows and crappy movies.


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