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[ # ] Donny Osmond got into a car accident with a semi truck
June 10th, 2020 under The Osmonds

Donny Osmond/Instagram

Donny Osmond’s day started off with a bang, just not the type of bang he wanted. That is because the beloved singer got into an accident today in Utah.

Osmond wrote, “My #Tesla had a messy encounter with a semi truck today.😬 I’m grateful to report that no one was hurt.” So are we because he is a national treasure.

I wonder if his computer system saved him. If you have never been in a Tesla, the navigation screen shows how close automobiles are to you. This way you can see if someone is getting too close to your trunk, sides, or frunk. The frunks (front trunk) scare me because there is nothing inside to protect you if you get into a fender bender with the vehicle in front of you. Plus, that is where my friend makes me ride whenever he is my chauffeur.

Seriously, it is good to see that a Tesla can take a licking and not be totaled. 2020 would have been totaled if we lost the man we have Puppy Love for.

BTW That is the maddest I have ever seen him look. He is always smililng and happy, I never thought he could get upset. Then again, who isn’t pissed after a car crash?


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