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[ # ] Can Jason Derulo eat 22 hamburgers in two hours?
June 10th, 2020 under Jason Derulo


Thought I’d post this draft from when I hit 22 Million ##Millimeal

♬ Rain – Aitch & AJ Tracey

Every time Jason Derulo gets another million followers on TikTok, he does something with food to commemorate the milestone. Now that he has 22 million people following him, he decided to try to eat 22 hamburgers in two hours. Can he do it?

Let’s just say what goes down, must come up. He might have some big muscles but they won’t help him with this challenge. How many did he eat before he admitted defeat? You just have to watch and follow him.

The faster we get him to 23 million, the quicker we can see him do something else with food. Although, I doubt he will try another competitive eating competition. Maybe he can try eating 23 dog biscuits. That is if Ice and Ghost are willing to share with their daddy.


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