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[ # ] Donny Osmond doing Dancing with the Stars?
January 26th, 2009 under Dancing with the Stars, The Osmonds

Donny Osmond did an interview with Bonnie Hunt and he let it slip he is ready to follow in his sister's fainting shows and do Dancing with the Stars.
Bonnie speaks with Marie about the fun she had competing on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and asks Donny if he would ever consider doing the show. Donny looks at Marie and smiles and says, “Well I guess I am making an announcement.  I’ll say I am seriously considering doing it, let’s put it that way.”  
He laughs, “I guess I just let the cat out of the bag!”             
He continues, “I can’t let my sister upstage me.  Besides, who do you think taught her how to dance?”             
“That not fair!” counters Marie.  “The men do half the work!”            
“That’s why I’m doing it, baby!” Donny laughs.  “It is going to be very difficult because I am going to be doing Vegas on top of doing ‘Dancing with the Stars.’”             
Bonnie tells him, “I think it is going to be fabulous to watch you on the show Donny.  We’re gonna love it. You are a natural born performer.”
I hope he is really doing the show because at least I would have someone to vote and root for!
You can watch Donny and Marie's full interview on The Bonnie Hunt Show today!!!

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