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[ # ] Do not do this to your dog at home!
October 30th, 2013 under Animals, Jimmy Kimmel

Tomorrow is Halloween and some people are dressing their dogs up for the holiday. Well one woman dresses dogs up using their fur all year long. Catherine Opson, is a dog groomer, who grooms her clients in her own special way.
Yesterday she showed off her talent on Jimmy Kimmel Live with several dogs who had their fur shaped in to different images. One dog had several faces of Sesame Street characters on them and another was four of The Simpsons with a side dog that was Maggie.
Seeing how much the dogs were shaking, it could be because they were in an unfamiliar territory with lots of people and bright lights or they are so embarrassed by what Cat did to them.
I mean who would ever think to do that to a dog, and why would someone pay to do that to their best friend. So some day when those pooches gets revenge on their owners, would anyone blame the pups? I sure as heck wouldn’t because that is so cruel to do to our four legged friend. Poor babies.


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