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[ # ] Has Nick Cannon hit hard times?
August 20th, 2019 under Hard times

Nick Cannon was seen with a cart full of stuff from the 99 Cents Only Store, so has the actor, host and comedian hit hard times? Actually, Cannon, DJ Carisma, Teddy Mora and Melissa Rios raided the market to help others. The four hosts from Power 106’s Nick in the Morning competed in a grabbing everything they can in 99 seconds and donating whatever they picked up to the L.A. Mission. Well, after they paid for it of course.

Personally, if I were them, I would have gone in the back or down the first aisle where all the food is. Then I would have gone done the aisle with the medicine and stuff. However, I would not have picked up the condoms and pregnancy tests because that is the only thing I don’t trust from them. Oh and they should have gone down the toy aisle because they have some cool toys. Don’t tell my nieces that is where I get their presents.

BTW, I know that Burbank store very well. Hopefully, they cleaned up their mess after they left because the workers are good at keeping that place tidy!

Seriously, it is nice when a morning show does good and this is doing a very good thing.

To see them “shopping,” then


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