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[ # ] Did Donnie Wahlberg share a Blue Bloods spoiler?
July 7th, 2017 under CBS, NKOTB

During the season finale of Blue Bloods, the cartel got revenge on Danny by blowing up his house and that was how the episode ended. Leaving us to wonder what will happen next?

Today, Donnie Wahlberg, who is back filming the hit cop procedural, gave us a hint when he shared a photo of himself holding up a script from the season premiere in the makeup chair. Since the picture was taken close enough to the script, you can actually read the words on the paper. In the scene, the cop who bleeds more blue than red is talking a therapist and Danny is telling him that he does not love being a police office anymore. Not only that, Reagan is ready to retire from the force.

This is a total game changer for the show. While everyone in the Reagan family puts being a cop before everything else, no one does it more than Danny does. Without him on the force, what will his role be? Who will he be? I am sure it is plot point that will not last too long on the series, but in a way I hope it does. The show has been in need of a major change. Normally, I am of the if it is not broke, do not fix it mind set. But except for the changing up of partners, all the characters have remained in the same positions. Even Jamie is still a beat cop.

I want something drastic to happen and I am hoping this is it. What do you think of this spoiler?


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