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[ # ] Dead Ant, the most ANTicipated horredy of the year is out now!
January 26th, 2019 under Mackenzie and Sean Astin, Tom Arnold

Dead Ant is a bitchin’ movie about stoned rockers getting attacked by oversized ants. It is the movie we all need as a release from all of the World’s problem. Therefore, after you read this, either run out to see it in the theater or watch it OnDemand or Digital ASAP.

You know you are in for a treat when the movie starts out with a pretty young woman being chased in the desert by an oversized ant who wants to kill her. As she is running for her life, she for some reason takes off her bikini top, jean shorts and underwear. That means she is completely naked. Why? Because that is how a great horror comedy begins.

Now it is time to meet the band. Sonic Grove is a hair metal band who has not had a hit since Hair Metal was a thing. They realize they have to change their look and sound if they want to be stars again. Their manager (Tom Arnold) booked them a gig at Nochella in the desert. Before they play the gig, Art (Sean Astin) and Stevie (Leisha Hailey) are going to pick up the best peyote from a Native American leader. That guy warns them to be careful not to hurt any bugs. If they do, then they will be cursed. Of course, he does not listen and pays the price.

Meanwhile, the rest of the band (Sydney Sweeney, Jake Busey, Leisha Hailey, Rhys Coiro) and their groupies (Natasha Blasick, Joi Liaye, Cameron Richardson) are on the tour bus, looking for a spot to stop so they can write a new song together. They find that spot and wait to be joined by Art and Stevie. Only Stevie shows up, and she has the peyote.

They smoke up and everything is awesome. That is until they get attacked by a large ants. They start to kill these ugly black bugs. Every time they do, they get bigger and bigger. They need to get out of there if they want to survive, so they run back to the bus for safety. One of them ran into Stevie’s car and they won’t leave without her. While they are waiting for her, the ants are now the size of the bus. The art department did a great job of making the ugly creatures look realistic.

How are they going to get out of there before they become ant food? You don’t want to miss it because it all ends in a way that is as awesome as the best guitar solo any band would die to do.

Dead Ant is not going to win an Oscar, but it is going to win its way into your heart. It has sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and laughs. What more do you need from a movie these days? Therefore, get some peyote and watch Dead Ant. It will make all of your problems will go away.


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