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[ # ] Days of our Lives’ Victoria Grace rescinds her Daytime Emmy nom
April 29th, 2023 under Emmys, TV Soaps

On Wednesday, the Daytime Emmys announced their nominees, and there is already a lot of controversy going on for the Outstanding Younger Performer category.

It sounds shocking, but it is true.

You see, in the last few years, they changed the age eligibility from 25 to 21 to 18, which it is now. However, the people submitting didn’t know that.

Therefore, 21-year-old Victoria Grace made an announcement yesterday. “I was honored to be nominated for a Daytime Emmy and to be recognized by the Academy. Unfortunately, there was a huge misunderstanding across the board regarding the rules for this year’s category. This is obviously a surprise and I am heartbroken, but in fairness to all, I’ll be rescinding my nomination,” the Days of our Lives actress wrote. “I wish the best of luck to all the nominees. I will continue to work hard to earn another Daytime Emmy nomination next year!”

While she has opted to rescind her nomination, 19-year-old Eden McCoy doesn’t sound like she is going to do that. “Oh am I supposed to be embarrassed by my nomination now? Shame on anyone tweeting that,” the General Hospital star wrote in response to a now private Tweet. “Regardless of the changing rules in the Younger Performer category, I stand by the quality of my work in ANY of my years at GH (going on 8 btw). My two prior nominations were in years where the category was 25 and under. Multiple talented actors my age who did amazing work submitted this year, and these ‘kids’ whose work you are t were nohminated ahead of them. I’m proud of Henry and Cary. Your lack of respect is what’s embarrassing. The facts are that everybody earned what they got. Do better.”

Personally, I think the Academy fucked up. They should have checked the ages of the actors they were nominating before they nominated them. Then, none of this would be happening. Since they fucked up, they should keep the category’s nominees, including Days of out Lives’ Cary Christopher and The Bold and the Beautiful’s Henry Joseph Samiri, as it was on Wednesday. And next year, do better.


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