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[ # ] Dave Grohl plays the drums with his teeth
September 29th, 2021 under Foo Fighters, Howard Stern

Did you know that Dolly Parton created the music for her song 9 to 5 with her nails? It turns out that Dave Grohl does the same but with his teeth.

How does he do that? Yesterday, he gave Howard Stern a demonstration on the Shock Jock’s radio show.

Not only did the Foo Fighters singer show us how it’s done, but he also revealed that he is not the only band member of Nirvana who did it. Kurt Cobain also used that technique to keep on beat with the music.

How long has Grohl been doing this? Ever since he was a kid. It is so hard on his teeth that even his dentist noticed the deterioration of his teeth when he was just 11.

Even when the Rocker was a preteen, he was bad a$$!

Do any of you musicians do that too? I can’t wait for my drummer friends to wake up, so I can ask them if they use their teeth as an instrument. I have been using my nails as one ever since I found out about Miss Dolly. It is so much fun!


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