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[ # ] Daren Kagasoff says fans will be happy with Secret Life’s series finale!
March 18th, 2013 under Daren Kagasoff, Freeform, The Secret Life of an American Teenager

Tonight at 8p on ABC Family the final season of The Secret Life of an American Teenager begins. I was recently on a conference call with Daren Kagasoff and he talked about what it was like being on the show. The bad boy turned good guy also previewed what we can expect during the final episodes of the show that launched the network’s original programming.
Did you know that Kagasoff did not want to be an actor until months before he landed the job that changed his life? Here’s his story on that, “Well, I never knew I wanted to be an actor until maybe six months before I got the job, so it just has taught me you’ve got to work so hard for the things that you want in life, and things don’t come easy.” The he added, “And you can see it through the characters that were on Secret Life, whether certain things that happened in their lives they have to conquer and overcome. And as people, as myself speaking about me, there’s a lot of obstacles in this business and in life in general, so from the show I just got keep your head up high, work hard, be respectful, polite, and good things will come.”
So will good things come from the series finale? When asked if he’s happy with the series’ ending, he said “Very happy, very happy. I think the fans will be happy too.” Whatever happens during that episode definitely left an impression with him. When he was asked what was his most memorable day on the show, he said “Probably the last day of shooting. We shot a lot of intense scenes, and to wrap up the show the way we did. I’ll never forget it. And all of the people that were there that day, you just don’t forget those types of moments, and thankfully I’m going to have that for the rest of my life, so probably the last day of shooting.” So what will happen between now and then, he teased us with “Many questions will get answered, that’s all pretty much I can say. I know everybody wants Amy and Ricky to end up together, and I guess you guys will see if that happens.” Does anyone think they won’t be getting married and living happily ever after?
Now his character has gone through the most changes. He went from troubled teen who was sleeping with any girl that said yes to being a responsible dad who only makes love to the woman who said yes when he asked her to marry him. So as he looks back at Ricky, here is what he said about his character’s growth “In the beginning, when Secret Life first started Ricky was just a high school kid that didn’t really take any responsibility for his actions, and was just was kind of floating through life. And ever since he had John (his son) with Amy (his fiancee) things changed drastically, and I think he made the most positive decisions in his life to put his son first and his girlfriend first priority. So I’m very pleased with what the writers did with my character from the beginning to the end. I think he’s made a full circle and it was a pleasure to play and hopefully the fans will like to see that.”
Well if you are like me then you can’t wait to see it every Monday at 8p on ABC Family to see how it all ends. You also wish this show wasn’t saying goodbye because it is really important show for teens to watch and also to enjoy.
Now when it comes to what is next for him, he is working on a Fox pilot. Whether Delirium is a go or not, I am sure his acting career will go into a delirium state now that he is a free agent.


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