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[ # ] Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams talk about Bigfoot
June 30th, 2012 under Syfy, The Brady Bunch

Tonight at 9p on Syfy Danny Partridge and Greg Brady, I mean Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams, stop fighting each other long enough to fight the baddest Bigfoot you have ever seen. Bonaduce plays a radio DJ/concert promoter who is planning a huge ’80s rock concert starring Alice Cooper in the woods, so he has been chopping down the trees to make room for it. Williams is his ex-friend and former singer who is trying to stop the concert. A freak snow storm in Seattle will bring Bigfoot out to the show and he is not happy to be woken up from his sleep. So the legendary creature will be going around killing everyone in his path. Will the former-friends, now rivals be able to stop him or will he kill everyone in the small town? You have to tune into this fun campy movie, that was directed by Bruce Davison, to see what happens to believe it. Be prepared to laugh the hardest you have ever laughed since you watched The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family as a kid.
On that I spoke to your elementary school crushes on a conference call earlier this week and here is what they told me. When asked if it was to get the ’70s stars in the movie Barry Williams said it was easy for him to do it as long as Danny Bonaduce was in it. But he did have one clause, “as long as I can beat him up I’ll do the movie.” I will give you a little spoiler, he got what he wanted. Now when it comes to the red head, he heard that he was cast in the movie two years before he really was. That part was never explained, but it definitely makes an interesting story.
So what are the two men doing now and where can you hear and see them today. Danny is a morning DJ in Seattle for KZOK 102.5 and you can listen to him online if you are not in Washington. Barry is in Branson, Mo doing a live show called A Brady Lunch with Greg Brady. He described it as “I have the new Brady Bunch kids with me. So they are all…in costume, original choreography. We’re doing all the music. It’s multimedia. It’s, you know, I’m using support clips and graphics and photos and stories.” So if you are in Branson, it is a must see. When I asked them if there is any chance that they would do a tour together like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany did after Mega Piranha vs Gatoroid, they didn’t count it out they just don’t know what they would do. So if some brilliant promoter could come up with something, they are ready for it and I am ready to see it.


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