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[ # ] Dance Moms coming back, but without Abby Lee Miller and the Dance Moms we love?
September 27th, 2011 under Dance Moms, Lifetime

I asked Lifetime a few weeks ago if Dance Moms is coming back for a second season and the person told me they weren’t sure just yet. I have secretly been loving this show and have been hoping that we would get more of this guilty pleasure.
So imagine how happy I was when I saw the title for this ad on InfoList: “Casting Young Dancers (3-13) and Their Moms – Dance Moms Season 2 on Lifetime Television!”
Well that excitement was short lived because here is what the rest of the ad said:

We are searching NATIONWIDE for young DANCERS (3-13) and their MOMS (or dads!) who are serious about competing and winning dance competitions for the new season of the hit TV series DANCE MOMS on Lifetime Television!
Moms (or dads) must be actively involved in helping their child train and prepare for each competition.
It must be a top priority for these families, but doesn’t have to be their only interest. We’re seeking families with strong personalities, talent, passion and the desire to win!
We are also looking for DANCE STUDIOS that have a roster of young dancers who would like to be on the show!

Does that mean Lifetime is renewing the show, but with a whole new cast? Noooooooooooooooo
What makes the show something you don’t want to admit you watch is you secretly enjoy how mean Jabba the Hut like Abby Lee Miller is to the girls and their moms, and how the moms deal with her and their daughters when they say they are in too much pain or too sick to dance.
Why Lifetime if you have something good, would you want to change it up? I want season 2 to be with the all the same people, not new people.
Seriously did you make this decision after you ate Roseanne’s nuts or before???

UPDATE: Lifetime confirmed that Dance Moms will be back with Abby Lee Miller and the Dance Moms with their daughters in 2012. But before we get to the second season, there are two more dance recitals left for these little girls, tomorrow and next Wednesday at 10p on Lifetime.
So whether you have seen the show that no one wants to admit they are watching, or this will be your first dance…put on your dance shoes for the biggest surprise of the summer!!!



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