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[ # ] Dakota Johnson’s dress strap broke on Jimmy Kimmel Live
June 20th, 2024 under Celeb Oops, Dakota Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel

Dakota Johnson was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday to talk about her movie Daddio, and she almost got the host to scream, “Daddio!”

The actress was able to get through her first segment without a problem. However, when they returned from commercial break, the strap on her black dress broke and she had to hold up the top of her gown so she didn’t wind exposing her left breast on television.

By some miracle, she got through it. Much to the disappointment of the men up watching.

And talking about men being up, she shared a story to Kimmel about the unique part they had to cast for the film and how they had to cast it.

There is a scene in the feature that calls for a dick pic. However, they could not use stock footage because well, you get it. They could not use a screen grab because what would happen if the man whose penis that was saw it being used without his permission.

What to do? The props master reached out to 15 of her male friends, who sent in photos of just their dicks. Then Dakota, her producing partner, and the director looked at the pictures thoroughly and narrowed it down to two. Eventually, they found their star.

Even though he was ready for his closeup, his identity remains a mystery! So even he doesn’t know he was the lucky stiff.

Talking about dicks. Why didn’t Kimmel take off his jacket and give it to her to put on? She looked so embarrassed trying to get through the interview with the broken strap. It probably would’ve been easier for her if she was able to cover up with his jacket.


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