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[ # ] CW Seed is showing all the episodes of Time After Time
February 13th, 2019 under The CW

Back in 2017, ABC aired Time After Time, a show based on H.G. Wells’ book The Time Machine and named after the 1979 movie. The series aired just five episodes before they sent it into the future. That day is today and the location is CW Seed. The translation is you can finally watch all the episodes there.

Time After Time is the story of Jack the Ripper stealing Wells’ time machine and using it to travel to the future. Wells follows him in the hopes of catching him and bringing him back to the 19th century. It proves harder than he thought because the future, or the year 2017, is much different than the time he knows. How will this cat and mouse game end? You just have to watch to find out.

I watched the show when it aired and I loved what I saw. Finally, I get to see what happens next on the Kevin Williamson series. I am sure you will enjoy it too.

BTW if you are not familiar with CW Seed you are missing the app that has some of the best series of the last decade that were cancelled too soon. Shows like Alcatraz, Constantine, Everwood, Secret Circle and so many more including the original Dynasty. Why not watch it during your snow days or even the ones that are beautiful.


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