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March 4th, 2015 under CBS, James Van Der Beek
Tonight at 10p, CBS debuts its fourth CSI. This one is called CSI:Cyber and it is about the new world of crimes committed via computers.
Sadly though, just like computers this show comes off as soulless. I wanted to like it because I am a fan of James Van Der Beek and Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette, but the show just never connected with me. I know I am not the CSI target audience, but I was willing to give it try. The crimes are interesting, but the cast and the writing is not.
On tonight’s episode, a baby goes missing and the only hint is that the father heard some people talking in foreign languages on his son’s baby monitor. Because of that the CSI: Cyber team is called in to investigate and that is when they realize that the baby is being sold at an online baby auction. Will they be able to find him before he sold to highest bidder?
Next week’s episode is a little more interesting because a man is remotely making things like roller coasters and trains crash. How many people will he killed before the team is able to stop him.
Like I said, the cases grab your interest, but the show does not. Then again, if you are a fan of the other three CSI shows, you might love this one too. So check it out and decide for yourself.


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