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[ # ] Cristal is dead on Dynasty, long live the real Cristal
August 6th, 2018 under Dynasty, The CW

You thought that a dead Bobby being alive in the shower after a season-long dream was weird on Dallas, then get prepared for what is about to happen on Dynasty this season.

When the nighttime soap ended its season, Cristal was shot and left to die in a burning building. Then in June, Nathalie Kelley, the actress who played her, revealed that she was not coming back to the show. Thus, we all thought she was dead or burned so badly that she would need a new face to go with the recast.

Well, today The CW announced what is going to happen next. Cristal is dead according to KSiteTV, but it turns out she was an imposter. The real Cristal will show up this season and she is going to be played by telenovela actress Ana Brenda Contreras. Ay dios mio!

Confused? Tune into the season premiere on October 12th to see how it all plays out. I know I cannot wait to see how they explain how her own nephew, sister and the brother-in-law she killed but was not dead, did not know she was not the real Cristal. You would think they would have been able to spot the fake?


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