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[ # ] Crackcoon looks like bloody fun
June 7th, 2023 under Movies

I loved the trailer for Cocaine Bear, but I can’t say the same about the movie.

However, what I do love about it, is all the parody movies that are coming/came out because of it, like Cocaine Shark, Cocaine Cougar, Meth Gator, and Cocaine Crabs from Outer Space.

And today, we get to watch the trailer for Crackcoon, which is about a raccoon on crack. Or as Brad Twigg describes it as: When a synthetically-altered street drug is discarded in the woods by a drug dealer during a car chase with police, the fallout proves nothing less than horrific when an innocent raccoon eats it, transforming it into a nightmarish killing machine straight from the bowels of hell. With unsuspecting campers, tourists and residents of a mountain community all in close proximity to the epicenter, no one is safe from the monster’s unrelenting rampage.

The movie doesn’t have a release date because they are still¬†IndieGoGo’ing it. They just need $175 more to reach their goal. And if they go over, then they will start working on the sequel Crackodile. Can you guess what it is about?

Now, if I had the money to do a drug-addicted creature feature, I would do LSD Lion, Marijaguar, or Ecstasy Elephant. What would you do?


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