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[ # ] Breaking news! Chris Licht out of CNN!!!
June 7th, 2023 under TV News


A year ago, CNN hired an EP from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to be the president of the network. And today. they parted ways with Chris Licht.

To say he fucked up the news network would be an understatement. He tried to make the middle-leaning network lean to the right. In recent weeks, he had two atrocious town halls with “presidential candidates” Trump and Nikki Haley. The latter led to CNN employees, former and current, being embarrassed to have worked there. Not only was the content shit, but the ratings were even worse.

Not one of his programming moves benefited the network. He moved Don Lemon from primetime to morning news, and viewers tuned out. Plus, we got to see what a sexist, agist dick Lemon is. So, he was fired from the network. The only good thing Licht did in his tenure at the 24-hours news network.

Another negative thing he did, is he told Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and Andy Cohen to be sober during the New Year’s Eve broadcast. It was a major bust.

Since they couldn’t drink on December 31st, let’s raise a glass to Licht’s departure.

I really hope CNN brings it back old school and hires an actual journalist to run the network and not another newsertainment guy like Licht and Jeff Zucker, like hooker.

We need to have a news network that is all about the news and not just talking heads that sound like they should be on a Peanuts cartoon.


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