Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Conan O’Brien says he killed Bea Arthur
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[ # ] Conan O’Brien says he killed Bea Arthur
April 14th, 2024 under Conan O'Brien, Sean Evans Hot Ones

Conan O’Brien is the new king of Hot Ones. And no one comes even close.

It is not that he reveals that he told Bea Arthur that she had just four years to live, and she died right before she made that milestone.

It is that he actually drank the hottest hot sauce and was still fine, fucking fine. Although, we knew he wasn’t. There is no way he could’ve been.

I have gotten my tolerance up to Ghost Pepper and was looking away for the last five minutes of this interview. Even Sean Evans was in shock.

I mean, it was so hot that Conan’s face matched his hair. I didn’t know where his face ended and his hairline began.

And with that, my hat is off to him.

The best part of this Hot Ones is that now everyone is now realizing what I already knew, that Conan is a freaking comedic genius!

You can watch Conan’s new series, Conan O’Brien Must Go, tomorrow on Max because HBO is too popular.


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