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[ # ] Conan O’Brien does his show for a packed audience…of one
July 7th, 2020 under Conan O'Brien

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, talk show hosts are taping their shows at their homes. By the request of his family, Conan O’Brien is taking his TBS program outside of the house.

Since it is summer here in Los Angeles, he cannot do it outside. If he did, he burst into flames because he is so pale. Therefore, he is doing at the Largo At The Coronet Theater. He chose this theater because theaters all over the world are suffering. They cannot open safely due to COVID-19, so they remain shut down with no reopening date in sight. They need money, or they will never open their doors again.

Conan wanted to support a place that has been supporting him since 1986, so he brought his job to them. Since he is following the SAG/AFTRA guidelines, he is working with a skeleton crew, and he does not have an audience.

For a comedian, that is torture, so he made sure to have someone sitting in the audience. Not his family because they already changed the locks. Instead, his assistant Sona Movsesian. He is feeding off of her energy, and it shows in his monologue. Although, you would think after doing his show from his house for over two months, he would be used to the type of reception. Which it seems that he is.

Seriously, I love that he is paying back someone that paid it forward to him when he was just starting out. I hope that the NY shows are considering doing the same for Broadway because the theaters there desperately need help.


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