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[ # ] Conan O’Brien and Kevin Hart Sumo wrestle each other!
March 16th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart, YouTube

Kevin Hart launched a new series on YouTube called What The Fit. For the premiere episode, he had Conan O’Brien plan what type of exercise they would do. The talk show host picked Sumo wrestling and you already know is going to be a laugh out loud riot. Especially since he got the idea from a pop up ad he saw when was watching male pornography.

Before they went to work out, they stopped to get something to eat for breakfast. The comedian ate all healthy, while Conan did not. For example, Hart got black coffee and Conan was downing Sam Addams. While O’Brien’s choices sounded like a good idea while he was eating, in the car he regretted his choices. Would he make it to his work out?

He did! I am so glad that he did because I am have waiting to see this since Hart showed a preview clip on Conan’s TBS show. During that interview, Hart kept saying his good friend is so white and he was not exaggerating. It was like looking into that big bright light at the dentist office. I do not know how all of those guys were able to look at him without sunglasses on. Without a shirt on, he is so an Electric Light Orchestra song, you know Blinded By the Light.

Anyways, how did they do wrestling the Sumo wrestlers? As bad as you think. How did they do against each other? As funny as you think.

So funny, they need to have a sitcom together. Or better yet they can star in a remake of Twins, since Hart is half the size of O’Brien like DeVito was to Schwarzenegger. It would be an instant hit! Just like What The Fit is on YouTube, so check out the other episodes now!

To see deleted scenes from this episode, then


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