Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Chris Colfer was visited by an alien when he was kid!
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[ # ] Chris Colfer was visited by an alien when he was kid!
June 27th, 2017 under Glee, Jimmy Fallon

Chris Colfer was on The Tonight Show yesterday and he talked about his recent trip to Peru. He told Jimmy Fallon that he went there because he was hoping to see an alien. No such luck.

While that is now, back when he was a kid, sick with bronchitis and doped up on cough medicine, he swears that he was visited by a cute, little alien who told him to feel better telepathically. And there is a very good reason why he might have seen a creature from outer space at the foot of his bed. Turns out the actor from Glee grew up exactly 100 miles away from Area 51. Home of the aliens on Earth.

I am surprise that the actor has not done a movie about Martians, since he seems to be so obsessed with them. He can get Emma Roberts to play one since he says that the one he saw had her eyes. I would go see it! We have not had a good movie about aliens in a while and yes I am talking about you Aliens.


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