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[ # ] Cheryl Burke on DWTS, the DWTS tour and that Paris/Shanna night
October 20th, 2006 under Dancing with the Stars, Shanna Moakler

So how did you first get involved with ‘Dancing With the Stars’?
Well the producers saw me dance at a dance competition here in Los Angeles with my ex-partner about a year ago, and from there they asked me to come in for an interview. And at the time, I was living in New York, and I thought, "Why not? It could be a great opportunity."

And how exactly are you paired with the celebrities?
The producers pair us up. We have no choice.

Well then you’ve had pretty good luck so far. Last season, you and your partner Drew Lachey won, and this time around Emmitt Smith is doing really well.
Yeah, I know. I’ve had great luck so far. I’m not complaining! (Laughs)

When Sara Evans left, how did that affect the group?
That affected everybody. Sara is such a sweet girl, and you never would have known that something like this could happen. She was very, very sweet. And everyone wishes her the best.

What’s a regular week like for you on this show?
Well it’s seven days a week — especially right now, it’s so intense because we have to learn two dances. Like yesterday, we had an eight hour practice and today we’re going to have another six to eight hours. And that’s basically everyday until showtime on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Do producers choose the music for you, as well?
Yeah, they do choose the music. Before the show starts, they ask us to suggest about 100 songs so they can get everything [legally] cleared. They are looking for more modern songs that people can relate to or have heard before. And sometimes we get them, sometimes we don’t.

What’s the biggest difference between dancing with Drew Lachey and dancing with Emmit Smith?
Oh, it’s a huge difference. Drew is a much smaller guy than Emmitt, and he has a musical background. So for Drew, it came a little easier. With Emmitt, he’s a bigger guy, but he has a lot of rhythm. He really brings his own when it comes to each dance I teach him.

What are you going to do in your off-season? Will you compete professionally?
Well, there’s going to be a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ tour coming up, and there’s going to be a fourth season I’m sure. Nothing’s confirmed yet, and I don’t know if I’ll be participating in the fourth season, but hopefully I will.

Have all the celebrities signed on for the tour, or is it just the professional dancers?
Nothing is confirmed yet, but there’s gonna be probably about six celebrities and their professional dancers and then six to eight other dancers. It’s a two-hour show, so we’ll need other dancers.

And I have to ask because I know you are friends with former ‘Dancing’ contestant Shanna Moakler. What did you make of the fight between her and Paris Hilton? [Editor’s Note: Hilton — who was reportedly dating Moakler’s estranged husband, Travis Barker of Blink 182 — alleges Moakler walked up and hit her while the two partied at an L.A. nightclub. Moakler denies the claim and alleges she was assaulted that same night by Hilton’s ex, Stavros Niarchos.]
Oh. (Laughs) You know, Shanna is not that type of person. She would have never punched Paris, and she didn’t punch Paris because I was there.

So what happened?
It was just one of those things, you know? But I did witness Stavros [Niarchos] push Shanna down the stairs and throw a drink on her and bend her wrist back and threaten to hit her. So that was just a very disturbing night.

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I love DWTS, but I am not sure if I would go to see the tour. I think we can all count Sara Evans out of the tour. 


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