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[ # ] Charlie Sheen done with Two and a Half Men?
April 1st, 2010 under Chuck Lorre

About a year ago there were rumors that Charlie Sheen would not be renewing his contract for Two and a Half Men when it was up at the end of this season. Well now TV Watch is confirming that he has opted not to stick with the show that he has been with for the last 7 years. A set source told TV Watch “Charlie’s just done. And he’s quietly telling his friends he’s not coming back.” It is Charlie’s decision to leave the show, and it will be interesting to see if the show will go on without him. I think it could go on without him if they gave bigger parts to Conchata Ferrell and Holland Taylor. But how Conchata could stay on as the maid without Charlie’s money, I am not sure how but hey that is up to Chuck Lorre and the writers.
It will be really interesting to see what CBS will do because Two and a Half Men is the #1 rated sitcom on TV and I am sure they don’t want to give it up. Afterall it was Jon Cryer not Charlie Sheen who brought an Emmy home from the show.
Do you think the show can go on without him? And do you think Charlie Sheen is making a mistake? I think he is because who is going to want him and all of the baggage that comes with him? Granted no matter how much sh!t is said about him, for some reason he always comes out smelling like roses?

UPDATE: Here is my idea for how the show can go on without Charlie Sheen. Charlie and Chelsea get married and on the way to their honeymoon their plane goes missing and they are presumed dead. So Alan inherits all the money and gets to keep the house and Berta. Judith gets a divorce from Herb and he winds up moving in Alan, so we still have the Two in the Two and a Half Men. Alan and Herb become to wild and crazy guys as Alan adjusts to finally having some money in his life and his mom makes sure he doesn’t marry another floozy who will take half of what he has. If Sheen decides to return the door will be open for him because the wind up is he has been on an Island this whole time.
Someone else had another idea that Martin Sheen replace his son, so you can Golden Two and a Half Men and have Judd Hirsch replace Jon Cryer because they kind of look a like. And you can bring on Betty White to play one of their Cougars?
What are your ideas to keep 2.5 going without Charlie Sheen?
I mean the show could live without him, afterall who though Spin City could survive without Michael J Fox and it did OK when Sheen replaced him???


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