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A tale of two Captain Kirks
March 16th, 2022 under Star Trek, William Shatner. [ Comments: none ]

A few months ago, when William Shatner boldly went where few men of have gone (Space) before, he returned home via a way that man goes all the time (on a plane). On that latter trip, he sat next to someone whose life would change shortly afterward and the two of them have a connection that only one other person can claim.

What the hell am I saying? Yesterday, Paramount+ announced that Paul Wesley is going to play Captain Kirk in the second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. After the announcement, Welsey shared a photo of himself with the Shat and shared the story behind it.

I am deeply humbled and still a little startled to have been given the honor of playing the inimitable James T Kirk. Ever since I was a kid, I have been awed by the imaginative world Gene Roddenberry created.

Recently, I boarded a flight to LA to discover that the man in the empty seat beside me was the one and only William Shatner, having himself just returned from space. I could barely put two words together but ultimately I managed to say hello and we chatted.

I’m not one who usually believes in fate but this was more than a coincidence.
And of course I had to get a picture.

So thanks Mr. Shatner for the good company. And for seating us together, my thanks to the great bird in the sky. Can’t wait for all of you to see our Captain Kirk on your screens.

As soon as the original James Tiberias Kirk heard about the casting, he had a message for his new friend, “Keep my ship and crew safe, Captain! 😉 Congratulations!”

I can’t wait to see these two become fast buddies (especially if Wesley offers him some of the Bourbon that he created with Ian Somerhalder) like Zachary Quinto was with the late Leonard Nimoy.

To see Wesley as Kirk, then click here!


BTWF: William Shatner in The Butler’s Night Off
October 13th, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, William Shatner. [ Comments: none ]

Before William Shatner was a police sergeant in T.J. Hooker, he was a crook in The Butler’s Night Off. He looks the same now as he did when 20 in that 1951 movie.


William Shatner will not be dressed as Captain Kirk when he goes to Space
October 10th, 2021 under William Shatner. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin announced that William Shatner will boldly go where no 90-year-old man has gone.

Today, they showed us what he is going to be wearing when he goes to Space. Sadly, he is not going to be dressed like Captain Kirk, his iconic character from Star Trek. Instead, he will be wearing blue for Blue Origin. I get it, but it is a missed opportunity.

Another opportunity missed is Tuesday’s launch. Blue Origin announced this morning, “Due to forecasted winds in West Texas we are pushing #NS18 launch target to Wednesday, October 13. Liftoff is targeted for 8:30 am CDT”

If you want to watch The Shat’s dream come true, then you can watch it live at 9:30a EST/6:30a EST at

Now, can we talk about Shatner’s face? The 90-year-old actor looks like a 9-year-old boy with that smile. Can you blame him? Every boy dreams about this, and he is actually going to do it. Granted, when he was 9, going into a Space was still almost 30 years away from happening.


William Shatner will boldly go where no 90-year-old has gone
October 4th, 2021 under William Shatner. [ Comments: none ]

There has been a rumor that William Shatner, who famously played Captain Kirk on Star Trek, is finally going to boldly go to Space. Today, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin confirmed that he will be launching into Space on October 12th. When that happens, he will become the oldest person to do it.

How did he react to the news being out there? He tweeted, “So now I can say something. Yes, it’s true; I’m going to be a ‘rocket man!'” Does Elton John know that Shatner is stealing his title? Too bad the two of them are going to be on the phallic-looking rocket together.

Back to the Shat, why did he say yes? He told Jason Alexander, “It’s never too late to experience new things my friend.”

Congrats to Shatner! We are going to watch the 90-year-old turn into a kid as he does something that was not possible when he was born or for a large part of his life. We have come a long way since 1931!


William Shatner to boldly go to the final frontier with Jeff Bezos
September 24th, 2021 under William Shatner. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since 1966, William Shatner has been the most famous space captain in the universe. However, he has never gone to space.

That is all about to change next month because TMZ says that he will be joining Jeff Bezos on the billionaire’s phallic-shaped rocket ship.

That means at 90, Star Trek’s Captain Kirk will be the oldest person to ever go to space.

While his 15 minutes will never be up, that is the length of his trip on the New Sheperd.

And hopefully, his journey will be long enough for the documentary he is pitching to the networks. So far, Discovery doesn’t want to be beamed up with him. But I think they would change their minds if they could get Geoge Takei to join him. Could you imagine those trapped in a confined space for that long? Two men will go up, but only one will come down.

I didn’t watch any of the billionaires competing in their dick measuring contest, but I would definitely watch as the Shat went up because he is the 💩 and this will be the 💩! It is what dreams are made of, and we should never stop dreaming. At 90, we can still live out our dreams. The second we stop dreaming is when it is all over. And Shatner has plenty of dreams left to live.


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