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Even dogs don’t like Dean Norris on the Under The Dome set
March 24th, 2015 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Dean Norris‘ character Big Jim is the most hated person Under the Dome. So much so, even the ones who walk on four legs, let their opinion of him be known. As witnessed in this picture of a dog peeing on him. Unless the puppy was leaving his mark on him and letting everyone on the set know that Norris is his. What do you think?


Dean Norris on the dome
January 20th, 2015 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Dean Norris goes from starring in Under the Dome to sitting on one as Benjamin Franklin.
Out of all the ways I ever needed to see him, seeing him breaking poop is not one of them.


CBS gave Under the Dome’s Rachelle Lefevre nipple covers for season 2!
July 29th, 2014 under David Letterman, Under The Dome. [ Comments: 1 ]

Rachelle Lefevre was on The Late Show yesterday and David Letterman asked her what is the big difference between season 2 of the show and the first one. She told him that she went into her trailer while filming the first episode this season and there was a little box inside of it from the network. So of course she opened it up and inside were nipple covers. Then she explained that it’s very cold in Wilmington, NC, where they film, and not only that the studio is also really chilly. Then she added, “Apparently we spent some of our FX budget in the first season, my high beams were on. And they needed the FX budget for other things in the show. So this season that’s the big difference for my character.”
Then the CBS late night host wanted to know if there was a connection between the success of the show during the first season and the current one? Well let’s just say now that are her nips are down, so are the show’s ratings.
Although I don’t think that’s the cause of the decline. What I liked about the first season, is that it was so much different than the book it’s based on and it concentrated on the characters. The elements I detested about the novel are finding their way into series and I find myself losing interest. I hate, the dead girl from the ’80s coming back to life. I hate the emotionless Science teacher who thinks she’s Gd. I hate the “Who killed Angie storyline?” I hate Junior’s mysterious uncle. I just want it to go back to a town trying to survive while living Under the Dome and not add in all the BS mysterious intrigue that isn’t that intriguing. Who’s with me?


Under the Dome makes like a butterfly and goes through a metamorphosis
July 7th, 2014 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Last year, Under the Dome changed summer television forever and this season the CBS show is going through some changes starting tonight at 10p.
Last week’s, season premiere was shocking moment after shocking moment and that was just the beginning.
To start off about the changes, if you thought the special effects were awesome last year, this year’s will be even better. We will start to see those special effects tonight. Executive Producer, Neal Baer, previewed the visuals by saying, “you will see with butterflies that you never would believe. These beautiful creatures that may not be, I mean, we are having so much fun with our effects.” What else those effects will be, we will have to tune in each week to find out. But I will tell you one of the effects we will be seeing in the coming weeks, and that is a dust storm that makes visibility in the dome nearly impossible.
This whole season will take place over two weeks, and what a crazy two weeks it will be. Last week, we saw Big Jim going through a metamorphosis like a butterfly. Baer said, Big Jim, went through an “awakening and he reevaluates his position and his kind of personal trajectory and decides that maybe a different kind of Big Jim is required to survive Under The Dome.” Then he added, “Whether that turns out to be truthful or not, that’s what we’ll find out as the season goes on but it’s certainly where he goes to.”
Dean Norris, who plays Big Jim, explained some of what his character will be dealing with this season. He said, “Big Jim is trying to deal with is is there enough food for everybody, is there enough water for everybody. What resources are left for us to survive Under The Dome. That’s definitely one of the themes that we deal with and Big Jim, in particular, is looking to try to answer or come up with a solution for.”
Solutions he might get some help with from a new character, Rebecca Pine (Karla Crome) who is a Science Teacher in Chester’s Mill. According to Baer, her character was added, “so we can have the science, really getting into the science versus faith elements this season. And we really pursue that because Rebecca represents scientific explanations for what’s going on versus Rachelle’s character, Julia, who is really much more about faith and Big Jim is kind of in the middle trying to figure it out.” Baer emphasized that point by adding, “So we have this real tension between science and faith this year and Big Jim is caught in the middle which we think is really cool. We explore that over all the episodes.”
And the central theme of all of those episode per the EP, “I guess our characters haven’t been the stewards that maybe they should be of protecting the land and protecting each other. So they have a lot to learn this year and I guess the Dome is teaching them.”
And each Monday night at 10p we will have to tune in to CBS to see what lessons they have learned, if any…


Dean Norris risks his life to report on Hurricane Arthur
July 3rd, 2014 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Hurricane Arthur is heading towards the coast of North Carolina, and Dean Norris, who’s there working on Under the Dome, gave us an update on it from Wrightsville Beach. The actor was almost blown away by nearly 100 mph winds, and he wasn’t going to let that stop from reporting on the news. So watch as Big Jim is almost taken down by breaking bad storm. Let’s hope he will be OK and so will everyone in the affected areas.
Now when it comes to him joking on Instagram how he is reenacting what every reporter in every storm does, I have to say he is telling the truth. As someone, who worked in hard news and covered my fair share of Hurricanes, I can tell you it is a trick of the trade. The reporters have to make good television and reporters getting faces full of rain and sand is really good television. I should add, they are not faking the weather, but they put themselves in areas closer to the water where the wind is stronger rather than reporting from inland.
Finally back to Norris, if this acting thing doesn’t work out for one of television’s greatest actors, at least he has a future at the Weather Channel. Don’t you agree?


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