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BTWF roles: Dean Norris in Lethal Weapon 2
June 30th, 2014 under Before They Were Famous, Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Before Dean Norris worked for the DEA on Breaking Bad, he was a cop in Lethal Weapon. He looks the same no as he did when he was 25 in that 1989 movie.


Under the Dome is back with one of TV’s strongest episodes
June 30th, 2014 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Recently, I attended a Summer Press Day for CBS and someone asked if Under the Dome is the first show from Stephen King to get a second season. When she asked that question, I thought she was kind of dumb because both The Dead Zone and Haven got a second season a few more after that.
Then I watched tonight’s season premiere and I understood why she asked that question. Even though I love those other two shows, they do not have the same impact that Under the Dome does.
Tonight’s episode at 10p is one of the finest hours of television I have ever seen and I think I’ve seen about a million hours of TV. The first thing it has going for it, is that Stephen King, himself, wrote it. So right then and there, you know it is going to be brilliant. But then the cast could mess up, but instead they gave his words a life beyond the page. Dean Norris, who plays Big Jim, gives an Emmy worthy performance. He is just so good at being so bad. But it isn’t only the script and acting that make this episode, it is also the cinematography that make this episode beautiful and eery at the same time. It’s like the pink stars lined up to create the perfect episode.
So what happens tonight? I have debated since I saw it how much I want to tell you because there are a lot of surprises you won’t see coming. Because for some reason there hasn’t been that many spoilers for it.
So what will I tell you? As you have heard, there will be death. Someone will die before the first commercial break and someone else right before the credits roll. I will also tell you that the episode starts off exactly where it left off, with Barbie (Mike Vogel) about to be hung. Is he one of those two? As if I am going to tell you that. We also find out what that strange light is, and what it wants. Other than that, I don’t want to tell you any more. I want you to experience this episode as I did. With shock and awe and admiration.
In the next coming days, I will share some spoilers about this season with you. But until then, I want you to go in like you’ve been trapped under a dome since September. If you’ve never seen the show that changed summer TV forever, then you can watch the recap episode on OnDemand. You don’t want to miss the show that over 10 million people a week tuned in for. It’s that amazing, that people are willing to stay in on a hot summer day and watch TV. No other show can say that.


Stephen King does an audio script for Under the Dome’s season premiere!
June 11th, 2014 under Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Under the Dome is back on CBS in 19 days (June 30th) and Stephen King read a preview of the script he wrote for it to Entertainment Weekly. As awesome as that scene sounds, I would love to hear him read the whole script like that. Almost as much as I want to see his words come to life. Especially since I saw the first few minutes of the season premiere and it has Stephen King written all over it. You know, because someone dies in that first scene…
Tell me, I am not one who can’t wait for this show to come back already. We have been waiting way to long to find out what has happened to The Domeites or is it Domerians or what about The Domers? I think I am going to go with the last one to reference them from now on. What do you think?


I’ll never look at Dean Norris’ Under the Dome chrome the same way!
March 26th, 2014 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Dean Norris Instagrammed this photo of his bald head replacing some woman’s big breasts. After looking at it, I have to say that all the meth that was made on Breaking Bad will never make what I have seen it alright. It is just so wrong, especially when you can’t stop looking at. Anyone else having that problem.
And I have a plea for all you photoshoppers out there, please Shield us from doing the same thing with Michael Chiklis’ face. My eyes couldn’t handle it.


BTWF roles: Rachelle Lefevre in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
September 9th, 2013 under Before They Were Famous, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 27:00 in)

Before Rachelle Lefevre was in love with the mysterious out of towner on Under the Dome, the stranger in town was obsessed with her in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. She looks the same now as she did when she was 20 in that 1999 movie.


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