Seriously? OMG! WTF? » CBS gave Under the Dome’s Rachelle Lefevre nipple covers for season 2!
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[ # ] CBS gave Under the Dome’s Rachelle Lefevre nipple covers for season 2!
July 29th, 2014 under David Letterman, Under The Dome

Rachelle Lefevre was on The Late Show yesterday and David Letterman asked her what is the big difference between season 2 of the show and the first one. She told him that she went into her trailer while filming the first episode this season and there was a little box inside of it from the network. So of course she opened it up and inside were nipple covers. Then she explained that it’s very cold in Wilmington, NC, where they film, and not only that the studio is also really chilly. Then she added, “Apparently we spent some of our FX budget in the first season, my high beams were on. And they needed the FX budget for other things in the show. So this season that’s the big difference for my character.”
Then the CBS late night host wanted to know if there was a connection between the success of the show during the first season and the current one? Well let’s just say now that are her nips are down, so are the show’s ratings.
Although I don’t think that’s the cause of the decline. What I liked about the first season, is that it was so much different than the book it’s based on and it concentrated on the characters. The elements I detested about the novel are finding their way into series and I find myself losing interest. I hate, the dead girl from the ’80s coming back to life. I hate the emotionless Science teacher who thinks she’s Gd. I hate the “Who killed Angie storyline?” I hate Junior’s mysterious uncle. I just want it to go back to a town trying to survive while living Under the Dome and not add in all the BS mysterious intrigue that isn’t that intriguing. Who’s with me?


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