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Nick Cannon reveals his mother almost aborted him
October 4th, 2018 under Nick Cannon, TV One. [ Comments: none ]

This Sunday at 9p, Nick Cannon is going to be featured on TV One’s Uncensored. Something that almost did not happen according to the actor/singer/comedian.

Cannon reveals to them, “My mother went all the way to the abortion clinic and she heard a voice from within saying that she should keep this child.” He says he tells his mom all the time, that was his way of telling her to let him live.

Not only does he talk about that, but he also talks about how being diagnosed with Lupus in 2012 has affected him. How there are days he cannot get of bed because his body is paralyzed from the auto-immune disease. But he does not let that stop him.

Just those two reveals prove that this episode is going to be very raw and emotional. An episode you do not want to miss.


Get to know all about The Jeffersons on Unsung tonight!
October 22nd, 2017 under TV One. [ Comments: none ]

If you are as big as a fan of The Jeffersons, then you going to want to watch Unsung on TV One tonight at 10p. You will learn more about the groundbreaking show than you ever knew.

The episode features past interviews with the late Sherman Hemsley (George) and Isabel Sanford (Weezie) and new revelations from Marla Gibbs (Florence), Norman Lear (creator), Berlinda Tolbert (Jenny), Don B. Welch and Ernest L. Thomas (What’s Happening!!).

You will learn things like which cast member did not want to leave All In The Family and what was said to convince them go. How Lear found his George Jefferson in Hemsley and how many seasons the producer extraordinaire had to wait for him to finally become the iconic character. Talking about iconic, how did that George Jefferson walk come about? The answer is surprising. Almost as much as which of the show’s stars actually kept their job at an airline for several seasons and how the producers finally got them to quit. How Roxie Roker (Helen) reacted when they told her she was going to have to kiss a White man on the show? Did you know even ever after Zara Cully (Mama Jefferson) was diagnosed with lung cancer, she still wanted to be on the show. She remained on the series until her death in 1978. These are just a few of the many interesting tidbits you will learn about one of the greatest television shows ever created.

I have seen every episode at least 10 times and it never gets old. I will find myself having a new laugh every time I watch them. After viewing this Unsung, I want to rewatch the series again because I will be looking at it with different eyes and you will too.


Roland Martin doesn’t need no stinking pants to anchor the news!
June 5th, 2017 under TV One. [ Comments: none ]

Do you ever wonder what anchors wear underneath the desk? In the case of News One Now’s Roland Martin, the answer is no pants. TV One shared this behind the scenes photo and it makes me want to watch his show every Monday to Friday morning at 7a to see if he we can see his sexy legs! Granted with those hours, you cannot blame for not getting fully dressed for it. Can you?


Make a date you don’t want to break with The Game of Dating!
January 31st, 2017 under TV One. [ Comments: none ]

The Game of Dating debuts on TV One tonight at 8p and you are going to love this game show that is unlike anything you have seen before on television.
Three teams of friends, sit in three different living rooms and they all watch the same blind date to predict what is going to happen next. They are all given 4 choices and they each guess which answer they think is the correct one. If they guess correctly, they earn money. If they guess incorrectly, they get nothing. By the end of the second date whoever has the most money wins $10,000 and the others go home with what they accumulated. Kind of like most dates on the show.
What makes the show hosted by Tony Rock (Chris Rock’s hotter brother) even better is they give commentary on the dates that makes you feel as though you are watching it with them. We’ve all commented on a date that we’ve seen happening right in front of us at a restaurant or coffee shop, imagine doing it for money?
Not only does that make you want to watch The Game of Dating, it also makes you want to be a contestant on the game show! You don’t have to be smart like on Jeopardy. You don’t have to dress up like they do on Let’s Make a Deal. You don’t have spell like they do on Wheel of Fortune. All you have to do is watch two dates and use your love knowledge to guess how it is going to turn out.
On that note, I wonder how they got these couples to be on the show. Were they told they were auditioning for Andy Cohen’s Love Connection?
Thankfully, the show isn’t about them! It is about us watching people watching them for money. Wait, that doesn’t sound good! Thankfully, the The Game of Dating is very good.


Boogie on over to TV One tonight for Unsung: Disco!
February 20th, 2013 under TV One. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p TV One is going to tell you the Unsung story of Disco from its birth until its death with the people who survived it. In this two hour candid look of the music that made you want to dance like you never danced before in the late ’70s, you will hear the stories of the people, places and tales of the beat that defined a generation from the greats like Gloria Gaynor, Harry Casey, Nile Rogers, Anita Ward, The Village People and so many more. From the beginning to the end you will be captivated by learning how this Hustle took over the music scene.
The show starts off with Disco’s origins and where it is derived from. It then tells you the first hit that gave birth to the genre and that was The Love Unlimited Orchestra featuring Barry White’s Love’s Theme. When you hear the song now, you can see how it started it all back in 1973.
Then the two-hour special explains how the music started to spread and gave birth to the dance clubs we know today. Disco was not really being played on the radio, but it was being blasted in the clubs and people were boogieing down to it. Did you know it was Disco music that got Club DJs off of the 45s and onto 12″ singles. Donna Summer had a song that was 18 minutes long which was unheard of at that time and people didn’t care that it went on for almost 20 minutes when they were on the dance floor because they love to love you baby!
Once we find out how Disco came about, we start to find out how the artists and their music started out. At first people couldn’t believe that Harry Casey was white because Disco originated from R&B and he explains his history with the music. KC and the Sunshine Band was one of the first mixed raced bands on the scene and that got people of all colors to accept them.
We also hear which song came out of an audience not wanting to dance to their songs at a show. Which song was written because they couldn’t get into a Studio 54. Which song was inspired by the movie Towering Inferno. We also find out how hard Gloria Gaynor had to fight to get I Will Survive recorded. Why she wanted to do the song and why it meant so much to her? In fact the song was released as a B-Side. If the music moguls had their way, we might not have had one of the most popular songs ever recorded.
We also discover out which movie made Disco an international star, but is also considered the beginning of the end for it. Because then everyone like Dolly Parton and Ethel Merman wanted to release a Disco album. Also we learn when the first 24 hour Disco station was established and what that meant for the future of Disco. It was also radio that killed Disco and the DJ who did that explains his side of it all.
Then after we watch all those Disco albums being burned on July 12, 1979 at a baseball stadium in Chicago, we hear what happened to these Disco Divas and Macho Men. One of them became a teacher and another one was a limo driver. We also find out what music spawned out of Disco and which musicians were able to make it because of it.
Even though Disco didn’t make it in to the ’80s we are still dancing to that beat 4 decades later and no one will ever be able to stop us!
So whether you love Disco or you hate it, you are going to be intrigued by Unsung: Disco. I was mesmerized from beginning to end and I know you will be too. There is just so much I didn’t know about Disco and it was so groovy to learn about it from the people who recorded it tell it in their own words. I seriously cannot praise this episode of Unsung enough. I love it as much as I love Disco and I am not ashamed to admit that’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh,
I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh.
Plus once the episode is done, you will be grabbing your Disco greatest hits album (admit it we all have at least one) and playing all the songs ’til you just can’t boogie no more.
Next Wednesday Unsung is back to 10p with Eddie Kendricks and you won’t want to miss a single second of his story!



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