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[ # ] Sins of the Father is suspenseful whodunnit?
July 7th, 2019 under TV One

A close-knit community in Atlanta is rocked by the murder of Karen Burnett (Angela Davis), the pastor’s wife. Now everyone wants to know who did it? Find out tonight at 8p in Sins of the Father on TV One.

Detectives Phylicia Richardson (A.J. Johnson) and Perez (Danny Pardo) are assigned the case and their lead suspect is her husband (Deitrick Haddon). His alibi is not the strongest, but then they have another suspect in mind, the couple’s son.

Robert Banks (Terayle Hill) is the pastor’s natural son and was adopted by Karen. He was taken away from his mother because she is a lesbian. She would love to have her son back, but the pastor used his place in his society to get custody of Robert.

Robert has a medical issue and he is not able to answer all of their questions. What he can tell them that he was abused by his parents, and manipulated to do things he did not want to do. Was he manipulated enough to kill his stepmom?

Then again his dad is a man of Gd, but he is a sinner. He is a gambler, an adulterer and he might have even burned down his church for the insurance money a few months before the murder. All fingers are now pointing at him, but are they pointing at the right person?

You don’t want to miss the surprise ending to this murder mystery that is full of more twists and turns than a braided rope.


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