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Your grandmother’s wet dream: George Hamilton and Tom Jones!
May 15th, 2023 under George Hamilton, Tom Jones, Wet dream. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’60s, your grandmother was dreaming of George Hamilton while listening to Tom Jones’ music. However, she never saw those two tanned men together.

That was then, and this is now. Over the weekend, the actor, 83, and singer, 82, hung out at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, and they created a Sex Bomb! One that will make your grandma’s panties say, “What’s New Pussycat?”

I hope grandpa got the Viagra ready because he is going to need it!!!


Tom Jones explains why he cancelled his show at the last minute
July 12th, 2022 under Tom Jones. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Jones cancelled his Budapest show at the last minute, and there was a rumor that the sexy singer had collapsed. The 82-year-old took to social media to give his fans an update.

“Hello to all concerned: 1 travelled last night from the UK to Budapest and woke this morning with an uncomfortable throat. A specialist came to visit and diagnosed ‘viral laryngitis!’. He strongly advised postponing this evening’s show and prescribed medication and vocal rest,” Jones wrote. “I did NOT ‘collapse’ anywhere at any time, that is pure rumour. Hopefully the inflammation will calm soon as I am looking forward to continuing my wonderful summer tour.”

Hopefully, Jones will be better soon so that all the Delilahs can throw their underwear at him again.


Tom Jones hospitalized for a bacterial infection
July 19th, 2018 under Tom Jones. [ Comments: 1 ]

Tom Jones cancelled his show yesterday because doctors said he was unwell and he is postponing tonight’s concert too because he is still not better. In fact, Liz Hobbs Group said that he is the hospital.

They wrote, “Sir Tom Jones has a bacterial infection for which he is being treated in hospital. The condition is being well managed and we are hoping for a speedy recovery. He is extremely sorry and disappointed not to be able to perform tonight, and sincerely apologises for inconveniences caused to the audience and all those who are involved in the event.”

This is not the first time the 78-year-old singer has postponed some shows in the last year. Back in September, he postponed his US tour to get a hip replacement.

I hope he gets well soon because who else are women going to throw their underwear at?


What’s new pussycat? A hip for Sir Tom Jones!
November 20th, 2017 under Tom Jones. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by Sir Tom Jones (@realsirtomjones) on

A couple of months ago, Sir Tom Jones was forced to postpone his tour for several months per doctors’ order, but he never said what was wrong with him. Looks like we now know the answer. After a report surfaced that he was in need of a hip replacement, he posted the above video and said, “New hip RELOADED 💪🏻….It’s great to be back performing!” Seems like he confirmed the rumor.

I guess all of those years of dodging underwear, was just too much on his hips. Now that he has a new hip, he can go back to being the Sex Gd we have known him as for now and forever. So she’s a ladies, get your panties ready because he is coming for all of you Deliahs.


Sir Tom Jones postpones his US tour for a medical reason
September 1st, 2017 under Tom Jones. [ Comments: none ]

Sir Tom Jones was supposed to start his month-long US tour on Wednesday in Bethlehem, Pa, but per his doctor’s medical advice he was forced to postpone it for 8 months. The 77-year-old singer did not disclose what is wrong with him, but let us pray he is better soon. Women need him to be well so that they can throw their underwear at him! Who else would welcome that as much as the What’s New PUSSYcat singer?

Seriously though, get well soon!


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