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Tim Allen responds to himself trending on Twitter
July 30th, 2020 under Not Dead, Tim Allen. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, for some reason, Tim Allen was trending on Twitter. That normally means he is dead. However, he is still alive. Therefore, we still don’t know why he was trending. Thus, the actor made his guess about what happened. He posted the above photo, and wrote, “Ok, I figured it out. Some nosey neighbor saw what I was having for lunch and ‘figured’ I was going to die.”

There you have it. The Last Man Standing is still standing. Although, after eating those hot dogs he might be sitting on the porcelain throne.

BTW If he is trying to prove to us that he is still alive, shouldn’t he post a photo holding with today’s newspaper showing us his face. You know, like that kidnapped people do in movies and on television shows?


The Resident and Last Man Standing are still standing at Fox!
May 19th, 2020 under Fox, Tim Allen. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Fox announced their 2020-2021 season last week, they were not done scheduling their lineup that was affected by the coronavirus pandemic. What do they need to fix that problem? They need residents and an outdoorsman to help them get through it.

That’s right, they picked up The Resident for a fourth season, and Last Man Standing for a third with the network. The Tim Allen sitcom is the little show that can. LMS did six seasons on ABC, took a year off, and reemerged on Fox.

It will be interesting to see how LMS will resume production of their show when they are finally allowed to film again. It is one of the few shows that tapes in front of a live audience. Will they be able to do that again when they are given the go-ahead? Way too early to tell.

When it comes to The Resident, it will probably be one of the first shows back at work. They film out of Atlanta, Georgia, and that state is much more lax with the lockdown than California and NY. I am also curious to see how many stories they will be doing on COVID-19 next season. I would love to see them take on the CDC since they are both in the same city. I am rooting for Chastain Memorial to win.

Are you as happy as I am that both shows will be back?

UPDATE 2: I am beginning to wonder if push comes to shove, will Fox turn Last Man Standing into an animated show. You know, since it is the only live-action sitcom left on their air. That is because they canceled Outmatched with Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson today. I am bummed about that because it grew on me.

You know, since Lawson is show killer (none of her shows have lasted more than a season), Peacock should pick up a revival of Psych. At least she had one show she didn’t kill, and we want back.


BTWF: Tim Allen for K-Mart
January 16th, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Tim Allen. [ Comments: none ]

Before Tim Allen would have problems putting up Christmas lights on Home Improvement, he got them right thanks to Sears. He looks the same now as he did when he was 33 on that 1986 ad.


Last Man Standing turns 150, The Cool Kids causes more mayhem
April 19th, 2019 under David Alan Grier, Leslie Jordan, Tim Allen, Vicki Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]
There was a time that it looked like Last Man Standing was not going to have a 150th episode because ABC cancelled it after 130 episodes. Then, a year later, Fox resurrected the comedy and tonight at 8p, it will celebrate its 150th episode!

Mandy (Molly McCock) is looking for an easy way to get her fashion career started, but her dad (Tim Allen) doesn’t think she knows what she is doing. Therefore, he takes her to his job at the Outdoor Man to meet a businesswoman (Melissa Peterman). He thinks she will shun his daughter, but the opposite happens. What is Mike going to do sabotage his daughter’s career?

Then at 8:30p, it is time for The Cool Kids to celebrate its 20th episode. Sid (Leslie Jordan) is avoiding his boyfriend (Jere Burns) because he thinks he is going to propose to him.

Margaret (Vicki Lawrence) on the other hand is going out with a Harvard man (Robert Pine) because she told him she went to Yale. Will he find out her secret?

Finally, Hank (David Alan Grier) is waiting for the results of his mole removal. Since the doctor did not call him back before 5p on Friday, he is convinced that he is dying. Charlie (Martin Mull) convinces him to break into their doctor’s office to get the results. What could go wrong besides everything?

All of this leads to a hilarious final moment that ties it all together. While The Cool Kids started off kind of slow, the show has really found its groove to be on the funniest on TV this season.


Last Man Standing is still standing
April 18th, 2019 under Tim Allen. [ Comments: none ]

ABC cancelled Last Man Standing, but after a year off Fox picked it up for a seventh season. Today, the latter announced that the Tim Allen sitcom is doing so well that they want it for another season.

Which makes you wonder if ABC is kicking themselves for not renewing this show. Especially since LMS does better in the ratings than almost all of their comedies. I think they are.

LMS joins 9-1-1, The Resident, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy and The Simpsons.


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