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Watch this sweet 4-year-old propose to This Morning’s Holly Willoughby!
January 8th, 2019 under Marriage Proposals, This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

Arthur might only be 4 years old, but he already knows how to win the way to a woman’s heart. The awwwwwdorable little tyke started off his interview on This Morning today by asking Holly Willoughby, “Do you marry me?” Of course, she said yes. How could you possibly say no to that sweet face? Just don’t tell her husband about it!

Whoever came up with that plan did a smashing job because now this Yank wants to watch Secret Life of a 4-Year-Old. I am sure there are plenty of Brits who also want to check out this show to see little Artur’s secret life.


Gino D’Acampo says Gordon Ramsay’s willie woke him up
October 11th, 2018 under Gordon Ramsay, This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

Chefs Gino D’Acampo, Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix took a road trip around Europe and Gordon, Gino and Fred’s adventures are going to air on ITV. Since it is going to debut tonight, the Italian chef was on This Morning this morning to talk about it.

D’Acampo told the anchors that the three men would get naked all the time on their small bus and that the British one is a big one in every form of the way. In fact, he woke up every day with Kitchen Nightmares over it because Ramsay would tap his Spatchela every morning on his foot. Proving that even though they are three of the world’s most renowned chef’s, they can still act like very naughty boys.

So much so, that I hope that Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip finds its way over the pond so that we can watch it. Especially because if the traveling food show gets renewed, Ramsay wants to take them around Las Vegas to find the best food in the city of sin.

Back to D’Acampo am I the one who is oven is getting hot over him?

Want to see a preview for the show, then click here!


Watch a reporter push a model in the water!
October 4th, 2018 under This Morning, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

This Morning’s Alison Hammond is having a bad week. First, she sang an original song for Bradley Cooper and for some reason, he was not impressed. Then yesterday, she did a weather report from the water on a floatable map with two models.

As she was jumping from Scotland over to Northern Ireland, the topless male models went to help her. The only problem is she started to slip and pushed one of them into the water accidentally. Chris’ friend helped him out and Hammond gave him a hug. Once he was back on dry land, she declared that it is going to be very wet in Northern Ireland. Something we can all see.

The best part was seeing the anchors reaction back in the studio. We all had the same expressions as them.

When it comes to Alison, why hasn’t ITV given her a show because she is always hysterical? We need more reporters like her.


Bradley Cooper does not think A Star Is Born with this reporter
October 2nd, 2018 under Bradley Cooper, This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

via People
Bradley Cooper was interviewed by This Morning’s Allison Hammond and she wanted to end the interview on a high note. As in she wanted to see what he thought of her singing voice.

Therefore, she decided to sing an original song for him. Did he like it? His face says it all. He was not.

While he wasn’t, I sure as heck was. But then again, I will never forget the way she got Harrison Ford to crack up. That is an impossible task that very few have accomplished.


A bionic pen!s and a very strong vajayjay
September 20th, 2018 under Odd, This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

This Morning on ITV in London had some very interesting guests on its morning news show in the last few days and I am sure you will be excited to watch. As excited as I was when I watched.

The first segment is about a man, who sadly lost his pen!s and a test!cle in an accident when he was 6 years old, and now Mohammed Abad has a bionic one. Since he did not really have one, he searched for a hospital that could help him. Finally, it happened. And that meant, that “it” could happen.

After searching for Mrs. Right, he found a woman on Facebook who was willing to help him lose his virginity. At first, it did not work. But as they say, “If at first, you do not succeed, then try, try again.” And they did. Two hours, later both of them were very happy. In fact, Charlotte Rose, a sex worker, says the guy who crafted his pen!s should create more. If you get what she means!

Maybe Abad should change his name to Averygood!

Then there is Kirsty Wright, who can lift 2 pounds with her baby maker. She found that out after her she had her third child. That baby left her having problems holding in her pee. A friend told her to try jade eggs because they help to strengthen the vaginal wall.

Wright’s muscle of love got so strong, she wanted to see if she could lift weights with it. She can. She is up to two whole pounds and I should be able to do that too by the end of the end of the day. Because after watching what she can do, I don’t need a jade egg to build up my wall. If you catch my drift. Men, this video is probably the equivalent of you watching another man getting hit down there.

Talking about men, she said he never had an orga$m until she started working out, or would it be in? Anyways, maybe GOOP was onto something.


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