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This Morning’s Phillip Schofield’s wood took out a camera
September 11th, 2019 under This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

This morning on This Morning, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby sawed a piece of wood off of a log during the show. After the hosts were back in the studio and they were done with the segment, he rolled the wood away from him. Well, he must be a great bowling player because he got a strike. As in, it rolled into one of the studio cameras.

When he realized what happened, he looked like a little boy who just did something really bad. You know, like when his mom told him not to play with the ball in the house. Then he did and he broke the vase. He knows he is going to be in trouble.

Did Willoughby console her co-host? Nope, she just laughed at him. Which is what we were all doing.

I wish American morning shows were as natural as this one. Everyone here in the States is so uptight. Something like a good piece of wood could be used to help to lighten the mood.


Watch a woman marry her dog on live TV
July 30th, 2019 under This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

Elizabeth Hoad is unlucky in love and she is dog tired of dating. In the last 13 years, she has been on over 200 dates and has had 4 failed engagements. Exactly a year ago today, she met the man who she could see settling down with. Today she married that special fella, who she has puppy love for, live on This Morning.

Only thing is that man, who is also her best friend, is her rescue dog, Logan. The two of them saved each other and spend all of their time together. Even her friends noticed it and told her she should marry him. Therefore, she did.

Allison Hammond presided over the nuptials and she could not hold a straight face as she barked out the vows. It was really ruff for her. However, Hoad took the wedding very seriously. Eventually, they were woman and dog.

I guess, if they say all men are dogs, there is nothing wrong with marrying one. As long as you don’t consummate the marriage.

Would you marry your pet? My friend asked me if I would marry my kitty? I said, “No, she is too catty. She would divorce me and take all of my money.”

When it comes to this segment, I wish the morning shows on this side of the pond did stuff like this more often. Since they don’t, I am glad that This Morning is available for us to watch on YouTube.


The woman with the biggest breast implants wants to go bigger
July 3rd, 2019 under This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

Martina Big has the biggest fake boobs in the World, but she wants to have the biggest breasts on the planet. Little by little, she is having saline put in them until they reach 20 liters each. How big is that? As Phillip Schofield showed us on This Morning today, that is larger than the size of a water bottle you put on the cooler at work. Have you ever lifted one of them? Imagine having two of them on your chest?

I have huge boobs and I cannot imagine it. In fact, my sternum is hurting just thinking about it. I mean I don’t get it. Why? How does she not fall over on her face with all of that extra weight?

She says she does weight training to support it and wears two sports bras. But still, that is a lot of weight in the middle part of her body on just one half of it.

I guess she will even it out when she gets butt implants. Kim Kardashian better watch out because she is coming for you. She does not want the biggest bum, she just wants it to match her (oversized) curves.

It is her body and she can do with it what she wants. However, you would think someone would tell her no by now. Her poor skin. Not only all of the stretching she has been doing to it, but also all of the tanning injections she gets to make her white skin black. Way too many chemicals. But again, to each their own.

And let’s not even try to figure how she and her husband have sex.


Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet have had a rivalry since the ’80s!
May 23rd, 2019 under Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’80s, they were several no-no-notorious rivalries in the music world. There was Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe, and Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. Now we know there was another one from the era.

Hey Martin Kemp, is there something I should know? He says that Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet have had one going for on over 30 years. Back then on planet Earth, they were two of the hottest New Wave bands to come out of Britain during the second British invasion. Were they fighting over music videos or chart placements of their songs? No, that is so not being like a rock star. Instead, the bassist said on This Morning today that if those wild boys were at a party together they would see who could drink the most? Which I say Simon Le Bon would win the gold hands down or bottoms up. Another time, they wanted to see who could stay up the latest. Their final battle, back then, happened on Pop Quiz and D2 were the true winners.

That was then, there’s a new moon on Monday because now the two bands, who were part of the New Romantic scene, are both working on musicals with their songs. Who will win West End? Only time will tell. Sorry Kemp, but I will always be a Duranie, so my reflex-flex-flex-flex is to root for them.

Kemp also talked about if Spandau Ballet will ever get back together. He says he is up for it, but only if all five of them say yes at the same time. Hopefully, that will happen! However, getting five people to do that is not easy. See the Spice Girls.

Now, let’s just talk about Kemp. Didn’t he age really well? I think he is sexier now than he was then. Plus, his positive energy is contagious. Maybe I can be persuaded to change my allegiance.


Baby Spice reveals which 4 Spice Girls Robbie Williams got it on with!
April 16th, 2019 under John Barrowman, Spice Girls, This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

Emma Bunton was on This Morning today to talk about her new album My Happy Place. However, you cannot have Baby Spice on and not talk about the Spice Girls upcoming reunion tour. That is all we really really want to know.

Bunton told the hosts that she recorded a duet with Robbie Williams called Two Becomes One. At that point, John Barrowman wanted to know if it is true that Williams had relations with 4 out of the 5 Spice Girls. Without hesitation, she said that was a lie and told him to stop staying it with a chuckle. Williams told her it was a joke that when too far and he even had to apologize to his wife for saying it. Someone was in the dog house for a while

Talking about jokes that went too far, is it true that Mel B was not at rehearsal with the other 3 remaining Spice Girls yesterday? Bunton confirmed that she was not there. Is it because she claimed that she had a one night stand with Ginger Spice and that is causing tension between them? Nope, sorry to burst that tantalizing bubble. Scary Spice did rehearse with them, she is just doing it in LA and not London. She will be flying across the pond in a few weeks to join her bandmates.

As we know there is one bandmate missing from the reunion, how will they handle being Poshless? Bunton says they are all swapping out her lines. They don’t know who will sing what just yet, they are waiting to find out in rehearsal how it feels naturally.

One last thing, they will be playing the oldie but goodies, so the fans will not be disappointed.


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