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[ # ] The creepy gift Phillip Schofield gave Holly Willoughby
June 15th, 2021 under This Morning

This morning on This Morning, Phillip Schofield thought he did something nice by giving his co-anchor Holly Willoughby a present. However, as soon as she saw the gift, she could not get away from it fast enough.

How come? It is a creepy doll that is giving Annabelle a run for her money. To make matters worse for her, he even named the scary thing after her. Oh, and did I mention that Schofield said, “This has been part of this building for many years. It is allegedly, absolutely, rabid with spirits and ghosts.”

The two of them are not going to be sleeping tonight. Willoughby because she will have nightmares of that doll, while the gift giver will be up night fearing how she will get her revenge on him. She better get him good because that was an evil thing to do. Literally and figuratively.

What you do if someone gave you something like that?


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