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Flavor Flav is the Flavor of the Year
April 16th, 2024 under Flavor Flav, The Osmonds. [ Comments: none ]


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Ever since Flavor Flav sang the National Anthem at the Bucks game in October, his fame has had a resurgence. He hasn’t been this popular since Flavor of Love in the late 2000s.

Since that game, he says he has been declared the King of Swifties, went to the Grammys, met Bruce Springsteen, and now he fanboyed over another legend.

Yesterday, he and Donny Osmond bumped into each other as they were checking into the same hotel because they are filming different episodes of Celebrity Family Feud which will air this summer on ABC.

Who knew that the Rapper is as much of an accessory to celebrities as his clock necklaces are to him?


How cute was Flavor Flav meeting Bruce Springsteen?
March 25th, 2024 under Bruce Springsteen, Flavor Flav. [ Comments: none ]

Who knew 2024 would be the year of Flavor Flav being the biggest fanboy of the year? But it is!

The Public Enemy is now a fan of musicians like Taylor Swift, so much so that the Swifties have declared him King Swiftie.

Now, he is one of the Bruce Tramps. Over the weekend, he met the Boss after his show in Las Vegas, and he totally fanned out.

I hope more singers make time for Rapper Time because his excitement is contagious. He turns into a little boy! Yeah, boy!


Flavor Flav wins Daylight Savings Time
March 10th, 2024 under Flavor Flav. [ Comments: none ]

Today is the day when we have to change the old-fashioned clocks that didn’t do it by themselves for Daylight Savings Time.

So, if we find it annoying, how do you think Flavor Flav feels about it? He wrote, “Out of Office: Flavor Flav will be busy today changing all his clocks,,, yo. #ThoughtsAndPrayers”

Rumor has it, he will need more than a day to do it. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.


Flavor Flav is loved by the Swifties
January 11th, 2024 under Flavor Flav, Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

If someone told you that Flavor Flav is a huge fan of Taylor Swift and that the Swifties love him just as much, you would be like, nu-uh.

But he is, and they are. In fact, he came all prepared to talk on Sherri Shepherd’s talk show today about being designated King Swifties. The Public Enemy wore a shiny light pink jumpsuit with a Taylor Swift t-shirt.

But there was more. He brought friendship bracelets for the audience and Sherri. He also gave the host a Taylor Swift guitar pick.

The Rapper also talked about how the Swifties welcomed him with open arms. So much so that they designed his album cover for his single Every Where Man.

2024 is weird, man, and I am so scared of how much weirder it is going to get.


Flavor Flav sang the National Anthem
October 30th, 2023 under Flavor Flav, Music. [ Comments: none ]

Flavor Flav did something he had never done before. But that all changed yesterday when he sang the National Anthem at the Milwaukee Bucks game.

What can you say after hearing that? Bless his heart because he tried! It is just not his genre.

And the Rapper had this to say to his haters. “The anthem was a long time bucket list item…that was fun,” he wrote. “I can’t live my life worried about what people might say about me. I won’t let that stop me from trying new things and doing things I wanna do. Some people might not like that. But a sure failure is if you stop trying.”

So, never give up! Because one day, you could do something no one ever expected you to do. And not sure if you should have done it.


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