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The Cure’s Robert Smith still has the hair
October 11th, 2022 under The Cure. [ Comments: none ]

For years, I have been wanting The Cure to show me, show me, show me what Robert Smith looks like now. Why? So I could see if he still has that crazy hairstyle of his.

Finally, after following them on social media, the band shared a photo of him on stage. And now I know he still has that mane of his that is as creepy as the music video for Lullaby. So, boys, don’t cry thinking it didn’t make it through the pandemic because it did. It probably also hasn’t been brushed since before it started, but it is still there!

And now I can rest easy. Of course, I would rest easier if they were coming to the States. But as of now, they are just touring Europe from now until mid-December. You can see where they are playing here.

BTW I know this sounds like a mean post, but I truly am enamored by his locks!


Has Robert Smith ever brushed his hair in the 40 years he’s been with The Cure?
June 28th, 2019 under The Cure. [ Comments: none ]

Last July, The Cure celebrated their 40th anniversary as a live band in Hyde Park London. That performance was so hot hot hot, it is coming to theaters around the world on July 11th. This way, even if you were not able to see that memorable performance in person, you can see it from the comfort of a soft cushy chair in an air conditioned movie theater. Which I prefer!

Robert Smith and director Tim Pope, who worked on some of their most iconic music videos, wanted to “create a totally immersive experience for cinema-goers.” They did so by spending hours togther in the editing bay along with recording final tweaks in 5.1 audio at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and incoporating 4K footage. You will feel like you are there without having that fan in front of you holding up their phone to record the concert.

The only problem with 4k is that you will be able to see every knot in the singer’s hair. I wonder if that spider from the Lullaby video is still in there. We might never know. Unless the video is so amazing, you will see it crawling around in his messy locks. Which I get is his signature look.

You can buy tickets for the 2 hours and 17 minute musical event now at Atom. It is must for fans of the band and/or music.


Robert Smith’s Cure for techinical difficulties
July 13th, 2012 under The Cure. [ Comments: none ]

via NME
The Cure was playing a gig at the Bilbao BBK Festival in Spain when they had some equipment issues. Instead of calling it a night, Robert Smith played three songs with just him and a guitar until they got the instruments back up and running. And when they were ready to jam as a band again, they played 38 more songs much to the delight of the audience.
Listening to him do the set all by himself like that, I think those lucky fans got more than their money’s worth because he was freaking flawless. While I would never want to screw anyone out of a job, I almost feel like he should do a solo tour. I once saw Howard Jones perform by himself with just a synthesizer and it was one of the most enjoyable concerts I have ever been to. Seriously wouldn’t you pay to see Smith just like that?


Is there any Cure for Robert Smith’s hair?
July 2nd, 2012 under 80s, The Cure. [ Comments: 9 ]
Robert Smith was as known for his hair as much as his music with The Cure, and I am wondering if that is why it looks like he hasn’t brushed it since the ’80s. You know like he has been trying to preserve that look that he has had forever and he is afraid if he does anything to it no one will know who he was/is. Either that or if he ran a comb through that rat’s nest it would come off with one stroke.
I mean is anyone else scared of him and that thing on the top of his head or is it just me? Seriously it is more terrifying than the Lullaby video.


There is no Cure for Robert Smith’s hair
May 31st, 2011 under Bad Hair, The Cure. [ Comments: 8 ]

Robert Smith has always had an interesting hairstyle, but now the Freakshow just looks like a long deserted bird’s nest. There is no Cure for that untamed Forest, I think the only way to tame it would be to chop it all down. Can some one please show him how to use a brush because it doesn’t look like he has used one since his mother sang him a Lullaby to go to sleep. It is so bad that Donald Trump wrote him a Lovesong because he no longer has the worst hair in show business.
Robert Smith the only way I want to see Pictures of You is if you did something to control that hairdo that makes Edward Scissorhands’ look sleek. And remember if you go to the barber, Boys Don’t Cry!!!



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