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Ted Danson is bald
December 27th, 2021 under Ted Danson Mary Steenburgen. [ Comments: none ]

Mary Steenburgen/Instagram

For decades there have been rumors that Ted Danson is bald. It looks like his wife, Mary Steenburgen, confirmed it with this photo of her husband with their daughter-in-law Lilly Collins.

So is the actor really bald? He is not. This is for Curb Your Enthusiasm. And you know it is going to piss Larry David off that Danson looks sexier without any hair than he does.

Back to what if the actor really had a chrome dome. I would still do him because just like Sam Malone, he will always be a lady killer.


NBC brings Christmas joy with Young Rock, Kenan and Mr. Mayor
December 15th, 2021 under Don Johnson, Kenan Thompson, NBC, Ted Danson Mary Steenburgen, The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight, starting at 8p, NBC is stirring up the Christmas joy like marshmallows in cocoa with their three sophomore comedies.

Young Rock starts it off at 8p with a different take on A Christmas Carol. Old Rock is filming a Christmas movie, and his young co-stat is just not in the spirit. So to get her there, he tells the story of his past Christmases.

The Rock goes back to when he was 10 years old (Adrian Groulx) to revisit his worst Christmas with his parents (Stacey Leilua and Joseph Lee Anderson) and his grandmother (Ana Tuisila). However, his 15-year-old self (Bradley Constant) goes back five years to tell his past self that his worst Christmas is coming. And he shows him what happened. But then, the 21-year-old DJ (Uli Latukefu) shows them that it gets worst six years from that.

What is the lesson of all of this? You just have to tune in to see in this episode that is no bah humbug.

Then at 8:30p, it is time for a Christmas extravaganza on Kenan. Mika (Kimrie Lewis) is planning a holiday episode of Kenan’s (Thompson) morning show Wake Up, and everything is going wrong.

Kenan is depending on his brother (Chris Redd) to help him out, but Gary abandons him. The keyboardist drops out, so Kenan suggests his father-in-law (Don Johnson). Rick accepts, but he wants to upstage Tami (Taylor Louderman), and she is not having it.

Will the show be naughty or nice? You just have to tune in, or you will get a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking.

Finally, at 9:30p, it LA Christmas Eve, aka December 22nd, on Mr. Mayor. Since everyone is going away for the holidays, they put their trees out on the street. However, the Santa Ana winds are blowing them all over the place. That means it is up to Tommy (Mike Cabellon) to save the day.

Everyone at the Mayor’s office wants to go home, but the Mayor (Ted Danson) won’t let them. That is because his presents for everyone got lost in the mail. That and there is a storm of pine trees wreaking havoc on the city.

What does he do? He hires someone to come in and give them an experience. Mikaela (Vella Lovell) wants to live Love Actually, so she tries to hook Apri (Holly Hunter) up with a stranger in the office. Unfortunately, Apri isn’t having it. Jayden (Bobby Moynihan) has been working on a Christmas Carol for Los Angeles, but he just can’t seem to finish it?

Will everyone have a merry LA Christmas? You just have to watch this laugh-inducing episode to find out.


Three of Hollywood’s nicest men read Mean Tweets
December 14th, 2021 under Henry Winkler, Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Hart, Ted Danson Mary Steenburgen, Tom Hanks. [ Comments: none ]

When Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, James Corder, or Jennifer Lopez read a Mean Tweet on Jimmy Kimmel Live, you can understand why the person wrote it. However, I cannot understand why someone would write a mean one about Ted Danson, Henry Winkler, or Tom Hanks. Well, technically, no one wrote a mean one about Hanks, but still.

Anyways, all three of these guys have a reputation for being nice. So, I was shocked when Winkler said: “F*ck you” like The Fonz to the author of “Henry Winkler is going to catch these hands. Shark jumping ass bitch. F*ck you, Fonzie.” I didn’t think he knew how to curse someone out. I don’t know if I should be sad or turned on. I am going with the latter because I like when nice guys are naughty.

However, my favorite Tweet in this segment is the one where a person wrote, “Shaq’s penis is Kevin Hart.” And now my sex drive went cold, picturing that. I am sure they are both around the same size.


NBC’s returning comedies are getting Christmas specials!
November 3rd, 2021 under Kenan Thompson, NBC, Ted Danson Mary Steenburgen, The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

NBC has been short on laughs this season so far because the sitcoms took the Fall off. However, they are coming back for one night in December to share some Christmas cheer.

On December 15th, Young Rock, Kenan, and Mr. Mayor will be giving us standalone holiday-themed episodes before they return in the new year.

Along with those three episodes, we will be getting sneak peeks of their two new comedies American Auto on December 13th after The Voice finale, and then on the next night, we get a 2-episode preview of Grand Crew.

To read descriptions of the episodes, then click here!


Mr. Mayor was elected for a second season
March 22nd, 2021 under NBC, Ted Danson Mary Steenburgen. [ Comments: none ]

NBC has been canceling a lot of comedies recently like Superstore, and I feared that Mr. Mayor would be one of them. Thankfully, my gut was wrong because they picked it up for a second season today.

“We’ve loved our collaboration with NBC on the first season of ‘Mr. Mayor’ and are excited to continue working with our fantastic cast, led by the incomparable Ted Danson and Holly Hunter,” said Erin Underhill, President, Universal Television.” We can’t wait to see what Tina Fey, Robert Carlock and our talented producing team have in store for Mayor Bremer and his rag-tag team of civil servants.”

Danson plays a billboard mogul who runs for mayor of LA when the former one goes crazy and resigns. Since he is so likable, he gets elected job. However, he doesn’t know what he is doing. He keeps screwing up, but then he saves the day with the help of his staff played by Holly Hunter, Vella Lovell, Mike Cabellon, Bobby Moynihan, and his daughter (Kyla Kennedy).

Mr. Mayor is a quick-witted show, and if you blink, you might miss a joke or two. It is the type of sitcom that you have to watch multiple times in order to catch all of the jokes. And even then, you might miss a few because some of them are so subtle. That is why it is a critical darling, as darling at Danson himself.

As excited as I am about the renewal, I still have an issue with the shoe. That billboard was hung in the town where I live, and it is a sore point for us. We have a lake in Toluca Lake, but it is not accessible to most of the residents because it is on the snooty golf course that won’t let us in to see it. We hate to be reminded of that. However, it did makes us laugh, then cry.


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