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It vs It
April 1st, 2017 under Stephen King. [ Comments: none ]

Matt Skuta took the scenes from the 1990 movie It and compared them to the ones in the updated version of It.

When I saw the 2017 trailer, I had no temptation to see it because I think that CGI ruins Horror movie remakes. But now that I have seen that the newer version is loyal to the original one, I kind of want to see it.

What do you think seeing them top to bottom like that?

When it comes to Skuta, my clown mask is off to you because that was brilliant editing.


J.J. Abrams shares what it is like to watch a Horror movie with Stephen King
March 17th, 2017 under JJ Abrams, Stephen King. [ Comments: none ]

Stephen King is the Horror King, who has given us nightmares for months. While we know he scares the sh!t out of us, do Horror movies scare the sh!t out him?

J.J Abrams, who is working with King on Castle Rock for Hulu with the legendary author, told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he went to see the Horror movie The Descent with him back in 2005 while he was working on Lost. What was that experience like? Abrams said, “We go to see this movie and in this theater, in Maine, with Stephen King, sitting next to Stephen King, and watching a Horror movie. Which is a dream in life?” Then he continued on with the story, “Every time someone was really horribly killed, he would go, ‘That’s awesome!’ He loved it.” Then he summed it all up by saying, “It was everything going to a horror movie with Stephen King should be.”

And now we know why his books are as horrific as they are, it is because he loves it. He craves it. He thinks it is awesome! Which is just how you want to be because you can’t come up with some of the stuff that he has come up with without being like that.

When it comes to what he is like when he goes to see a Horror movie, I do that too. But unlike him, I get kicked out of the movie theater for laughing too hard at most of the death scenes. It is also why my friends won’t go see them with me anymore. I am sorry, but a good slasher movie it a comedy.


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