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Is Shemar Moore pampered on the SWAT set?
November 21st, 2022 under Shemar Moore. [ Comments: none ]

Shemar Moore is the star of SWAT. Therefore, he should be spoiled on the set of the show. And he is. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost to his co-star David Lim.

You see, while Moore has three people working on making him look beautiful between takes. There is no one working on Lim. Personally, I think that since Lim isn’t doing anything, he should have been feeding his co-star his fruit. Just joking! Or am I?


Shemar Moore says he has to lose moore weight
July 27th, 2022 under Shemar Moore. [ Comments: none ]

Let’s be honest. Shemar Moore is one of the sexiest men on TV with a fantastic body. However, he thinks he is a few pounds away from his version of perfection.

“I’m coming!!! This it ain’t it… 5 more pounds to lose… a shit ton of sit-ups still to do,” the actor wrote. “I REFUSE to have a ‘Dad Bod’… 52 aiming to look 32!!! I’M COMING BACK!!!! This ain’t a game… this is MY LIFE!!!! Life knocked me down pretty TOUGH for a couple years…. But I’m STANDING THE FUCK UP NOW!!! Here I Come!!!💪🏽🤩❤️”

I don’t know about you ladies, but I think he looks fantastic the way he is. The SWAT star doesn’t have to lose those pounds unless he wants to. It is his body, his choice. But, we will love him no matter what he looks like.


CBS wants more SWAT!
April 8th, 2022 under Shemar Moore. [ Comments: none ]

CBS normally picks up most of their shows in one fall swoop. However, this year they are doing it much more slowly.

So far, they have picked up CSI: Vegas, The Neighborhood, Bob Hearts Abishola, Ghosts, Young Sheldon, and three NCISes.

Today, they added SWAT to the list, and Shemar Moore is super excited to be back for season 6. He is not the only one, and so are the crew and his co-stars. Listen to how happy they are about the news. You can tell this is a set where everyone enjoys coming to work, and there is a lot of camaraderie between them all.

Congrats on the renewal!


Some of the celebs best reactions to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp being down?
October 4th, 2021 under Bonnie Tyler, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Kimmel, Netflix, Shemar Moore. [ Comments: none ]


The cast of SWAT plays cornhole with Shemar Moore’s crotch
September 7th, 2021 under Shemar Moore. [ Comments: none ]

Boys will be boys, and men will be boys too. Therefore, on Labor Day, the cast of SWAT played cornhole and Shemar Moore’s crotch was their bullseye. Well, it wasn’t, but they made it that way.

Thankfully for us, and unfortunately for him, someone has good aim because they got him in the moneymaker. Luckily for his future baby mama, he protected the baby factory.


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