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A Nightmare on Elm Street reunion
November 13th, 2023 under Robert Englund. [ Comments: none ]

Next year, A Nightmare on Elm Street turns 40, but three of the leads celebrated a little early this weekend at Spooky Empire.

It is nice to see that Heather Langenkamp and Amanda Wyss are getting along with Freddy Krueger after all he did to them. Oh yeah, that is Robert Englund and not the dream killer. It is hard to separate the two.

I know the difference between reality and the nightmare he created during my teens. I think?

Seriously, I love seeing them together. And I hope we get a lot more of them next year for the film’s milestone!

Elm Street turning 40 is almost scarier than the movie itself. Although, I made my father watch the rest of the Horror movie with me after I saw a bloodied Wyss walking in the clear body bag.


Would Robert Englund play Freddy Krueger again?
May 30th, 2023 under Robert Englund. [ Comments: none ]

Robert Englund has played the beloved Freddy Krueger eight times on the big screen. Would the actor play the killer who murders people in their nightmares on Elm Street again?

“I’m too old and thick to play Freddy now,” the 75-year-old told Variety. “I just can’t do fight scenes for more than one take anymore, I’ve got a bad neck and bad back and arthritis in my right wrist. So I have to hang it up, but I would love to cameo.”

And talking about cameos. Englund did not appear in the shitty remake, and he has a theory of why it failed. He told the trade, “I’ve always thought that Freddy is described as a child killer. So when they made Freddy a child molester [in the remake], that’s not what Freddy is, I don’t think. By taking it to such a dark, dark place, there’s no room for the personality of Freddy to be exploited.”

That was the problem with the remakes for Nightmare, Friday the 13th, and Halloween. They all went to a very dark place, and none of the originals went there. We knew they were psychopaths, but the remakes showed it to the point it was uncomfortable to watch.


BTWF: Robert Englund in Eaten Alive
October 20th, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Robert Englund. [ Comments: none ]

Before Robert Englund was the killer in Horror movies, he was killed in Eaten Alive. He looks the same now as he did when he was 28 in that 1976 movie.


Nothing can kill Freddy Krueger, not even COVID-19 anymore
February 1st, 2021 under Robert Englund. [ Comments: none ]

Freddy Krueger is not afraid of anything nor anyone. Now, Robert Englund can say the same thing because he got the first COVID-19 vaccine shot. How did it go for the 73-year-old actor? He said, “No nightmare on Moderna Street.”

On that note, now that he is vaccinated, maybe we can get another Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Freddy vs. Jason should not be his last story in the franchise.


Robert Englund gets into the coffee business
January 5th, 2021 under Robert Englund. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but after I saw Nightmare on Elm Street 3, I started chasing tablespoons of instant coffee with Coca Cola to stay awake in school. It really worked. That was then, now Robert Englund has his own brand of coffee to help us stay awake and away from him.

The legendary Horror movie icon teamed up with Dead Sled Coffee for Robert Englund’s Stay Awake Blend of java. The beans are described as the “perfect blend of a high-quality single-origin Robusta Vietnamese coffee and a blend of Arabica beans from South America. All of which are ground down to a Turkish-style grind. Hence the name ‘Turkish Blend.'”

It sounds like it is strong enough to keep Freddy Krueger away from our dreams. At least, I hope it is.

Englund is not the only celebrity to team up with Dead Sled Coffee. KISS wants to make sure we Rock & Roll All Nite with them, so they also have a blend with the company.


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